Morality and the Alpha Male: Tebow vs. Terrell

You eventually have to wonder why an alpha male needs morality. By definition, an alpha male monopolizes the sexual marketplace. Immediately you can see a discrepancy between a religion like Christianity, professing a lifetime of marriage monogamy, and an alpha, who more or less defines his own morality and sexes the females that constantly sidle up next to him.

Case study:  Tebow vs. Ty-rell Owens. As a star quarterback who makes millions of dollars, Tebow is definitely alpha. At the same time, he  vehemently advocates Christianity. Depending on how you look at it, there is a short circuit here. From a lay man’s perspective, he is either getting lots of sex and is a hypocrite for not  practicing what he preaches, or he is really a celibate monogamous, albeit powerful, beta.

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He practices his Christianity, but there is a chink in his social armor, because he is surrounded by much ‘cooler’ people who are ‘natural,’ a la Terrell Owens. Owens represents the apex type alpha; he acts in his own interest, mocks traditionally respectable franchises in the NFL, gets fined for showboat antics, etc. But his athleticism makes him worth enough to keep paying big bucks. Terrell’s religion is one of no regrets and self-belief.

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This is the age old dilemma: the alpha is most successful for himself and only moderately successful for other people’s interests. The beta is most successful for others, at the cost of his own needs.

Tebow might have a line out the door of sexually willing girls, but he essentially cock-blocks himself; he believes in monogamous marriage. Acting outside of his virtues would probably cause too much cognitive dissonance, affecting his game and his confidence. What then? Prediction: if Tebow were ever to be caught cheating, you can expect to see a Tiger Woods-type emotional outpouring of tears and sorrow. Vaginas will dry up everywhere.

And if Terrell Owens was caught cheating? Well, what does cheating even mean?

If we are going to continue subsidizing a female all-access-alpha society, expect the boy next door type innocent idealism to sell more and more tickets, Tebow jerseys, and female commitment fantasies. Expect the duality of women to continue aspiring to those ideals by buying more stuff, meanwhile inconspicuously selecting the  alpha for the real profits ($ex)

PS If you are not alpha, any suggestion that a man should be sexually  moral is treated as an ad hominem attack; if you are arguing against the popular laissez-faire attitude of sex, it must mean that you are not having any, and therefore are a hypocrite because you secretly want it. You might as well shout “loser” from the rooftops.

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