Paleo as a Movement

Paleo is unique because it is an ideology. You could say it is one of the next ideologies after technology and capitalism. For the past hundred years, man has believed in the god of technology: with enough scientific advancement, we can answer all the mysteries of the universe and replace the human condition with mechanization. We are then free, just like a god, to do whatever humans do without having to struggle to survive.

Capitalism is the other modern ideology. Instead of believing in the God of Jacob, the God of the burning bush, etc, we believe in the god of the consumer product. First, you have to make an object that you believe betters your life. Then sell that better life to others. The others have to imagine themselves living your fantasy for it to work correctly.


Take the above ad. By now you should believe big butts are sexy. You should want to look just like that. And you should want the shoes, because without them these beliefs are moot. Pay attention to how the beliefs and the product are co-dependent, else you wouldn’t want to buy them.

Coincidentally, ads start appearing like traditional religious imagery.


Note the arms spread, Christ-like pose, and the caption, “We are all witnesses.” He who holds up the consumer product becomes the real gods in today’s society.

Paleo is an Ecclesiastes type movement. The book of Ecclesiastes essentially sums up life like this: eat, drink, be merry. In consumer terms, its flawed- too simple, no demand for more store bought junk. There is limited potential for paleo-consumerism. See: barefoot type shoes, cookbooks, and exercise equipment. The ideology has aspirations, but the fundamental point is accepting that your body is the greatest evolution and you don’t need anything else.

Prediction: paleo will disappear because practically anyone with a job in retail or healthcare will reject it. You don’t need shoes, nor tech devices, nor cars, nor modern medicine (outside of major surgery or disease). Nor beds, chairs, video games, etc.

Besides, part of the human condition is expressing your value to obtain a mate, and one way to do that is to have more junk than the next guy. A sexy capitalist is one with lots of houses and cars.

PS Thoreau probably would have gone paleo.

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