Girls and their iPhones

Walking around on my college campus, almost every girl you pass has a phone in her hand.  Yet the girls that I see on a regular basis never pull out the old walkie-talkie unless to deflect dudes in a social situation. What can you learn from this? First, when not within their immediate social circle, girls have to stay connected on what is happening. They have to know who is talking to who, who is off limits, who is pushing the envelope, and so on.

When a midst a group of friends, girls continue to freely trade gossip face to face and rely on the alpha dude of the moment to decide what the group does, what the plan is for the night, and so on. The level of the guy’s cred inversely translates to the amount of time the girls spend on their phones. Therefore, you can accurately use the phone-in-hand as a divining rod to find the guy who the girls respect the most.

Lets skip around. Girls have a definite need to feel wanted and special, chosen out of all other women  by that special guy who treats her not as a slut, but as the mother of his children.  If she has an iPhone, she is not a potential candidate. Why? guilty by association. It is simple logic for a man to comprehend that if there are 620,000,000 Google estimates for iPhone girls (NSFW), and something like 85% of the results are not wholesome, then the iPhone is clearly not a tool to demonstrate your devotion to being a special person; rather, you are just demonstrating that you are another slut just like every other woman.

Believe it or not, the ONLY innocuous iPhone photo I could find! Probably because she is underage!

All girls know that when necessary, they can  convince a man face to face that they are wholesome and worth pursuing. I have yet to see a time where the iPhone helped her do that. She knows the distractions have to go if she is to please her targeted man.

So why even associate yourself with the slut-communicator? This is the perfect case of keeping up with the sisterhood. When one girl takes naked photos of herself to send off to the quarterback, it indicates such open sexual availability that another girl subconsciously knows that the bar has been raised, and she has to respond to stay competitive and in the quarterback’s circle. Its only a matter of time before there is an entire slut-cascade.

In a recent Forbes interview, Tucker Max admits to a psychoanalyst that a high-quality woman would never have come close to his old raging dick-head self. The high-quality woman out there would not have wanted to be near the douche within. Think for a moment about the girl he once slept with, and now admits he rejected because of her sexual availability. Maybe she could use a text message that says “Don’t text Tucker with sex offers if you want to marrry the guy.”

To conclude, the iPhone might be a great short term fix for a girl, but the long term implications are dire. With the technology comes exposure to all other women. Now, instead of just the sluts, the entire herd can be easily cajoled right off a cliff.

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