You have to wonder why we have a word describing our lust for the ability to move and travel. Lust is typically reserved for sexual Romeo + Juliet type moments, not for the act of getting up and walking. Yet some people experience the desire to be outdoors and moving. Where does this fit in our evolution?

If you ever heard the word transhumance, which signifies the seasonal migration of pastoralists with their flock, then you know that one type of traditional survival is to breed a large stock of domesticated animals and rely on their natural resources to survive. The shepherd boy can literally live off of a large flock. An elderly sheep can be slaughtered for a meal, and its coat can become a rough but warm coat. Kill four elderly sheep, and you can now clothe all your children. Ever hear the phrase “breed like sheep?” Your stock will not only replace itself, it will grow larger. You can even nurse the milk from pregnant sheep.  You can raise a couple of dogs that will take you as their master and help out the process.  You have no attachments, no emotional connections to anything static. Rather, your only emotional attachments will literally scurry away if you let them.

Pastoralists simply do not fit into modern society, yet humans have spent thousands of years living this way. If there is a real physiological yearning to be on the move, it has to come from this type of lifestyle passed down to us.

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