Class for the Gs versus Feminism

Summary: Down the rabbit hole of feminism and the concept of class.


Feminism is using an artificial construct, supposed “patriarchal oppression,” as a powerful straw-man to knock down western society. Why is it such a perfect straw-man? Because it an argument with zero possibility of proving or disproving.  Do men really do sit around and decide how they are going to keep women out of board meetings? Probably not- but they could. Did society naturally evolve for men to sit in board meetings, and for women to stay at home? Probably so- but can you prove that? Of course you could put cameras in board meetings, snoop, etc, but nothing would ever be found, because it doesn’t happen. Yet the gray zone of if it did is a perfect straw man, especially considering the supposed “effects” that are all around us.

The concept of “class” as uttered from your neighborhood pimp is much like the argument for feminism, just the other way around. Class is a perfect straw man- it is a symbol of a man’s belief that there is a higher power that influences his masculinity, giving him the ability to unnaturally control his animal self. Is there a higher power that influences masculinity? Probably not, but you cannot prove it or disprove it.   The belief that a man might actually have some non-hierarchical power of authority is enough to instill rage in other men.

Did someone say class?

Notice a key distinguishing feature: for the male version, it is a form of self-empowerment; for the female version, it is a form of denied-power. Feminism tried girl-game, girl-empowered, you go grrrl type beliefs, trying to fuel their straw man with male-power, but everyone knew it was all hollow; much easier to blame the grievance upon men.

Theorem: in the most powerful relationships and the most powerful societies, women feel denied the most power.


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