Cuckoldry and Fear

Men necessarily have to hide thoughts and opinions about subjects like cuckoldry. If a man admits to anyone that he is afraid of cuckoldry, it translates to low self esteem in a chick’s mind; this can only spin her wheels into translating that into a devaluation of your status, therefore actually perpetuating her rationalizations that she should look for someone without that fear.

In a perfect world, an alpha guy has no reason to fear having to raise someone else’s child:  naturals are able to inspire a genuine loyalty from women. Not addressing the issue is akin to not powering it, and it does not become an issue.

Chicks get a whiff of fear and immediately start looking for the dung heap. Although it is none of their business, they have to bring the issue front and center. Either you will call her on her shit test, or you will bail and hand her some of your balls. Remember: when it comes to having her kids, she only wants the best. Therefore, if she has choices, she will dump you and replace you with someone more suited to guarding the babs. If she doesn’t have options, she will extract your loyalty while attempting to take over the aggressive defensive role. Again, someone has to guard the babs.

Men: when you have the fear conversation, which you most certainly will (“What are you afraid of?”), never answer seriously.

“Only two things I’m afraid of: women and duh po-leece”

“I’m scared to death of red gummi-bears.”

“I’m scared of _______(object in immediate vinicity).” (Pretend to notice the object and scream, flail, and gesture ridiculously)

Or alternatively, feign admitting to a fear that will DHV you, politically correct fear, etc.

“I was afraid when that crackhead pulled a knife on me once.”

“I’m afraid that gay men will never get the rights that they deserve.”

“I’m afraid that people who hold so much hatred in their hearts will never connect with anyone.”

Good luck!

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4 Responses to Cuckoldry and Fear

  1. J.M. says:

    Even if you are alpha, it`s better to be safe than to b sorry, especially in your countries (anglosphere) no matter how loyalty a chick might profess, we all know it`s not real, it’s just emotions. Just my 2cts.

  2. LR says:

    It’s no wonder men will get possessive over women because she can easily get pregnant by another man.

    • LR says:

      On top of that, cheating wives outnumber the husbands in the same manner but are getting killed by the dozen everyday. Why? Because husbands still think they should own their wives.

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