Beautiful Feminists

I felt like the instigators of feminism were the most feminine women we will ever see. They had a culmination of killer bodies, full breasts, little stress from the job environment, feminine voices, and no entitlement AND NO McFATTY DIETS- rather, it was all a kind of confident meekness. Just look at some of the names from the time:


Damn that’s boner-inspiring. Of course, the higher the culmination of femininity, the higher the fall.

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One Response to Beautiful Feminists

  1. Keoni Galt says:

    Just letting you know, ever since you requested I add you to my blogroll, I’ve been trying to repeatedly. Something is wrong with the blogger app or something, everytime I submit your blog’s URL, it hangs up and doesn’t update. I haven’t been able to update my blogroll at all (your’s is not the only one I’m trying to add!)

    I like your blog so far…keep it up!

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