The New Suburbia, New Urbanism, and Feminism

Read this article and let it absorb into your own observations about social status. It just so happened to confirm a few suspicions and observations I recently had, so I will tell the back story and elaborate with a few predictions.

Due to the emancipation of women from responsibility via contraception, abortion, and the raised levels of entitlement, the sexual marketplace is allowing women to freely pursue the alpha males of society. Women are keen and understand that they have to go to the high power lawyer’s coffee shop. They have to take classes with the jock. They have to serve the architect a beer. The result is that cities become heavily concentrated with women attempting to find the top dogs, while lesser men attempt to stay around the women in hopes of the random drunken sexual encounter. As men get more desperate- all the women are hooking up with the one local alpha guy- men are willing to trade whatever it takes to stay around the concentrations of fertility.

How does this relate to immigrants moving into the suburbs of America? Men are becoming less willing to move out the suburb, and due to the diminishing levels of guarantee of a successful marriage or family, less families exist to inhabit the suburb. According to the sexual marketplace, suburbs are going away. Fast.

But something doesn’t add up. For example, declining areas in Saint Louis, MO are being made over by applying lanscape architecture, a new light metro line, and new “green” arteries of parks and landscaping that are attempts to soften the hardness of the suburban decrepit-ness. The City of Saint Louis hired his firm to create and enact this master plan.

Who is going to use this, you ask? Is the American woman going to give up her father’s Lexus, move from her gated community, and trade in the $75 a week Starbucks coffee bill, all for a shot to live in a racially diverse, economically working class mixed use development with a promising metro commute? No. Besides, the college degree essentially limits her instincts to the city, as the whole point of the degree is to place her in a successful urban environment to work a technical job. See the natural result: SWPL yuppie developments on the fringes of cities, before the suburbs. Not rich enough to live in the city, but unwilling to let go of the access to the city (for example Bainbridge Island, WA. )

Will the college-educated bachelor move to the suburb? No. He will live with several housemates in a cheap rent apartment in the city, feeding off the large numbers of single women. Any low-wage service job will suffice, as the pool of several roommates can pay off the rent. The city apartment also means no need to pay car insurance.

Will the alpha willingly trade his access and social status to preemptively move, by himself, to a suburb, and cut off all access to the women who currently seek him out? Maybe, if he can afford a helicopter.

Who lives in these newly renovated suburban communities? Immigrants. Retirees. Poorer minorities. Non-specialized labor. Anyone non-entrepreneurial.  The list goes on.

The American way of life rejects public transportation as a low-class activity. The American way of life rejects diverse arrangements as a low class activity. The American way of life embraces individualism. The American way of life embraces personal importance. Do poorer immigrant countries feel the same way? Maybe, but their reality is the opposite.

The first prediction is the new “white flight.” Some of it will aim back into the city, with the goal of creating pop-yuppie type developments with the affordability based on several low-tech college-graduate wages. A four man townhouse ten minutes from the city center is more attractive than a one man house in the suburb. Low earning service wages could not afford the location. The white flight will also continue to push new development in the frontier West, where higher earning college graduates can pursue technical paths unburdened with the the frenzy of city life.

The second prediction is that suburbs will become dominated by low-tech service industry workers, minorities, immigrants, and those who do the dirty work within the city. The upper class will continue to encourage this, adding more forms of public transportation to get the workers into the city and out at the end of the day. A corollary is that industrial production will still occur overseas, with no creation of factory jobs in the US. Also, the natural separation of suburban developments will add to increased levels of drug trafficking from the suburbs into the cities.

The third prediction is that the alphas of society will continue to live in the heat of the action within the cities, almost never straying to the suburb except to ski or visit tourist attractions.

The fourth prediction is that suburbs will dissipate as retirees die off. There will be denser suburbs, but the dream of owning your own little “cabin in the woods” is over.

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