Shit Tests Have Men Behind Them

The most effective game advice I can  give you.

Why do men get anxious about buying a new car? Why do men wake up with cold sweats the night before closing on a new home? Why do men get hyped up bidding in an auction? Why do men get anxious to approach a new woman? Hint: its not the bricks and mortar, or the auction object itself, or the woman, respectively.

When a man cold approaches a woman, he experiences a natural anxiety. On the surface, being afraid of something you crave is a contradiction. He definitely wants to take her home and have sex, and all extenuating circumstances aside, he should have no fear and she should go right along with him.

You heard it first here: the man is not anxious because of the woman. He is anxious that there is a bigger and badder alpha around the corner who has already laid claim to the woman. He is anxious not that she will reject him, he is anxious that she will reject him because the guy she is with is three steps ahead of him. Long story short, he is anxious of the pounding he is sure to receive if he pushes her limits.

Anxiety is a typical emotional response for a normal human being, but instead of calling it an environmental response, lets assume that the real reason is an indirect projection of competitiveness on another male. Let’s take that one step further and assume that for men, all social anxiety stems from fear of the alpha male.

This dovetails perfectly with men’s  inherent curiosity to know all about a woman’s past boyfriends, friends, etc. It is simply a gauge of whether your attitude/personality has any clout to counter her past experiences.


What you can learn from this?

The harshest of realities: your job is over if you have identified a girl’s most respected man and have used any means necessary to supercede the guy in your apparent status. Think about any shit test she can lob. She will exhaust the list of men she knows.  It will have a boyfriend in it, or an appeal to he father’s upbringing, or what her schoolteacher taught her, or Jesus Christ, or Daddy Government. Even if she uses petty excuses, you will eventually have to dig past the surface and male figure within. The sooner the better.

PS I hate that our comprehension of female behavior will bring society or us to a destructive end.

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One Response to Shit Tests Have Men Behind Them

  1. Dorian The Phoenix Grey says:

    please explain how it will bring our destructive end?

    [Knowledge of hypergamy and the female id leads men to either clam up and drop out, or embrace the Machivellian darkness of the douchebag within. Neither of which lead to stable, cooperative men upon which this society is founded.]

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