The Elite World

Imagine you could identify the alpha male of a group. You find out that he associates with a specific fraternity of other sex-appeal-laden magnets in one big brotherly band of pussy pirates. Hot women worthy of supermodel status regularly hang around with them. These guys are so far beyond any other group of mortals, they seem to only occasionally mingle with us mortals to sex up the masses of women waiting for them.

Now the question is, do  you want to join them? Do you see yourself fitting in with their organization, daydreaming about the models lounging in your lap? Do you itch and sweat at the thought of them welcoming you in, a full brother in arms?

Or do you want to start from scratch? Do you see potential in the teeming masses of lesser guys floating aimlessly around, ready to hop on any bandwagon so long as its cool enough? Do you think you have the ego, balls, or confidence to make your own brotherhood? Fuck the status quo, etc.

Now imagine if there were a country of the brightest and highest achieving guys that ever lived. Smart, tenured, wise people drop their established lives to become poor in this country. People daydream about living your lifestyle, throwing away all their own cultural history and tradition to have some of yours. They just know that regardless of their status, they can go to this country and succeed.

Do you want to join the country? Or do you look at your own and want to start from scratch?


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