My Secret Garden Salad

As a man, I cannot help but read books like “My Secret Garden” with amusement. The stories contain vivid imagery that seems to honestly make sense to the women supplying them, but each one is flawed. How? The imagery is great and enticing and all, but each woman has to to throw in some quirk that sets the stage. For example, one woman dreams about the the father in law. One fantasizes about two men. One fantasizes about the neighbor’s sister’s long lost cousin with a gimp (just kidding). You could say that every fantasy has some distinguishing quirk to the point that no female fantasy is like another.

The common factor in these fantasies is the feeling they invoke in the moment. The tizzy of imagining scenes of forbidden-ness / ballsy moves by a guy sets women panting. However, these women realize on some level that achieving the fantasy in real life would be pointless and would lead to a loss of interest. Makes perfect sense, since it is a fantasy, right?

What women don’t understand is that men have that ability, too. Men can fantasize about a situation with a woman, sure. But men have a completely additional ability that  most women lack. Most men subconsciously realize that fantasies are useless and will not secure you a warm bed. Instead, they project . Men invest infinitely more mental energy in picturing a situation involving the women they want to have sex with, and then trying to imagine the best scenario for actually making it happen. You see proof of this every day. Men think: if I were a rock star, then women would be knocking down my door to jump into bed with me. Do women ever think if I were a rock star, then men would be knocking down my door to jump into bed with me? Not likely. They just think: I’m at a rock concert dancing on stage, and all the sudden I feel a man pressing against my back, his breath down my neck, and suddenly I feel the cold strings of his guitar pressing through the cuts in my cocktail dress, and I feel him working his hands down underneath my impossibly short skirt, and you get the picture.

Paradoxically, the author is a hardcore feminist that cannot explain why men behave so differently in terms of fantasies, yet isn’t feminism is supposed to be about proving we are all the same? More proof that feminism is simply female sexual liberation to indirectly pursue the alpha.

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