The Next Great War

In World War II, everyone understood how to win a war: demoralize the enemy to the point he surrenders. To win the war, the USA projected the image of an industrial giant, capable of mobilizing the entire country to churn out war goods. Very ominous and difficult to imagine victory over that.  The USA had to carpet bomb iconic European cities with huge aerial armadas; although seemingly weak individually, the hordes of bombers project an image of endless supply. The USA had to drop two atomic bombs and kill hundreds of thousands of civilians; the prospect of the USA waging the rest of the war with such a a destructive arsenal made an axis victory hard to project.

Terrorism will trigger the next great conflict. When you believe in diversity, justice, feminism, fairness, equality, how do you defeat an enemy that is a-diverse, unfair, and not equal? You simply cannot without adopting some of the enemy beliefs. The next war will be between Patriots and Progressives; those willing to fight a dirty war against terrorism to actually win, and those who’s beliefs prevent that from happening. Terrorism will only help clarify these two ideologies and force them to realize how they cannot coexist, triggering a larger civil conflict.

The current beliefs cannot permit actions such as guaranteeing the deaths of terrorist family members or euthanizing children of terrorists as a deterrent. It is despicable to even suggest it in America (yet the Russians were doing it in Afghanistan in the 80s). Our tolerance and diversity have caused us to self limit the most effective and demoralizing options we could take to win the war.

The same kind of inaction can be found everywhere else in the USA. Men permitting feminism to thrive is one type of male inaction. Men refusing to man up, or peter-pan complexes, is another. Men allowing illegal immigrants into the country is another. Decline in marriage is another.

Eventually, the opposing party in the civil conflict will reject all of the diversity, multiculturalist, feminist agendas and get their hands dirty. The members will have an awakening that they need to harness responsibility themselves.

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4 Responses to The Next Great War

  1. J.M. says:

    How about expelling the possible terrorists? (ethnic and national profiling) Are americans so dense? If you want the patriots to win, eventually women unearned “rights” will have to be revoked starting with the right to vote. By the way please stop using the words of the enemy “Peter pan complexes” et al. The real meaning of man up is to expel our adversaries from the public realm starting with the “ladies”.

    • gritartisan says:

      Exactly the point: our current state is plagued by entrenched beliefs, one of which is that we cannot be racist and make such derogatory assumptions, despite how much sense they might make. Another, like you mention, is that we cannot be sexist and say that women have less rational capabilities then a man.

      The only thing men are dropping out of is subscription to the wholehearted PC fantasy.

  2. Ryu says:

    Good article, mate.

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