The Dark Triad Future

The research everyone loves to hate is back in the news again, with Heartiste keeping it real as usual.

We are a strange juncture in our history. This is a time in which technology has allowed us to witness broad cultural observations from the safety of our own lives. Personal resonance with these observations is consequently building an ideology of realism, not of the pull-up-the-bootstraps optimism that defined the foundation of the USA. You can see this in the increasing decline in ability to pursue an optimistic way of life- for a 20s white male, you can no longer have optimism unless it includes exaggerated and irrational self confidence, a la dark triad. Whereas capitalist optimism- through hard work, you can earn your way to a successful life – used to be a socially uniting form of confidence, it has been beaten, slandered, and accused of any form of racism, sexism, and disorder. It has been replaced with a hypocritical and passive-aggressive fantasy land in which everyone gets along optimistically so long as everyone is lawyered to the teeth, ready to kill off any innovation or competition.

This juncture also reflects a clashing of multiple forms of social denial, which you can see in the whiplash responses to Chris Brown and Rihanna, as well any suggestion that male dominance works, so long as it is the attractive alpha doing it. Calling men pedophiles is yet another form of denial. The concept of “white-knighting” is another form of denial. “Spinsters” is another form of denial. When it all boils down, increasingly more fingers point to the idea that the whole civilization construct is driven by a form of denial: denial that sex rules all.

Now that we see that this juncture is actually:

…the neo-optimistic-capitalist-dream, whereas innovation is allowed so long as aggression is sanctioned legally so that everyone can legally reap the profits….

….and the realist awakening, where the stops are pulled out and we accept the fucking dark truth.

Where are the bright young precursors of the future dropping out to? They are blogging their way to a new world.

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6 Responses to The Dark Triad Future

  1. Ryu says:

    Interesting. I haven’t heard of you before. And now you are blogging as well. Welcome to the underground.

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