Kurt Cobain’s Game

Here’s a clue your life is going to end prematurely: you sang about teen spirit at age 24.

There’s a particular point that we all reach in life when we reevaluate our life choices. The first happens around mid to late 20s. For men, it is a period in which they realize that they are not children any more. With it is an implicit understanding that because they are not children, that means they must be men and behave like men.  Can you imagine a 60 year old punk rocker? 50? 40? 30? The rebellion has to end, because in the end, what the fuck are you rebelling against? I think Cobain realized that the core of his dissatisfaction was life itself. Hence suicide.

On a more insidious level, Cobain’s music sure continues to line the pockets of the decidedly non-rejects. No matter how successful you get, it is all because some dude in a suit and tie decided that your image is worth distributing to the masses. And I bet that dude believes in family life with traditional values, can you believe it?


Enjoy your rebellion game, because in the end, who are you kidding? You gotta clean up eventually.

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2 Responses to Kurt Cobain’s Game

  1. It applies to Cobain. Not man as a species.
    The idea that your rebellion period is over is an idea sold be society.

  2. Isobel Riel says:

    Jandek is in his sixties, and still rebelling against anything that sounds good.

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