An Obvious Lie

Summary: using game to blast stupid liberal argument.

“20 Obvious Lies that will Shock Conservatives (If they ever read a book or two)”

Feel free to read this article, but you won’t miss anything earth shattering. I didn’t read beyond the first paragraph.

The larger issue at hand is within the title: “Obvious Lies.” Notice this is not, “False Beliefs” or “Factual Errors.” It is a deliberate logical argument faux pas. The only way to disprove a lie is with hard factual data. Using the word “obvious” is simply an appeal to the reader’s ego by suggesting the audience already knows the facts behind an argument they are not part of. A lie can be obvious due to the quality of the person delivering it, but the beauty of the lie is that only the deliverer can confirm or deny it. That’s why it is considered wrong; its a position of power taken with a false claim of knowledge. If the lie is successful, the receiver of the lie has no way to immediately confirm or deny the claim.

The even larger issue at hand is liberal reliance on any and every logical fallacy to make an argument. This entire article has no statistical reference or citation. Each of his bullet points is a red herring in which he uses “conservative lie” as distraction while he delivers a liberal agenda.  It is a slew of every possible misdirection, ad hominem attack, attempts to get the reader to qualify, blatant false assumptions, and more.

What can any rational person do to combat this high-octane emotional liberal-esque method of arguing? Lets look what game has taught us:


First, accepting the author’s frame is failure. You cannot respond to anything in the article at the risk of making his argument appear valid.

Reframe: Point out to a third party the number of fallacies the person is using to make his argument appear valid. Frame his credibility as directly tied to factual basis. According to this frame, he fails miserably.

Appeal to convention. Rhetoric might sound emotionally appealing, but it is simply a fantasy. Remind the third party that you prefer to use any chance you can to strengthen your credibility by connecting your argument to sound fact.

Highlight your factual strengths. Now that you seem more credible, feel free to spurt any factual information to make your side look better, making sure to highlight your strengths and disregard the entire liberal argument.


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One Response to An Obvious Lie

  1. Ulysses says:

    I skimmed deeper in. That jackass referred to police and fire departments as rights. Liberals refuse to understand that limited government isn’t a synonym for anarchy and that services we run as public are still services and not magically rights. Rights are not conferred by the government though they are sometimes protected by it.

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