Random Thoughts for Friday

-Is music good, or is it popular? Search “Beatles” in YouTube. The sum total of views of the entire first page of results is 170.7 million views. Now look at the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. The views of this music video alone is 394,832,002 (!). Thats 57 percent more views from ONE video. Fucking mind-boggling.

-Can you “fight fire with fire?” Direct escalation between two guys about to fight is chick crack. Especially when one guy backs down. However, the adage makes perfect sense if it is a case of out alpha-ing the other guy with re-framing, attempts to force compliance, or brushing the other guy off.

-Was the middle class, Americana, Smallville-esque dream successful at pacifying our human nature? Or did the football coach fuck all the moms on the side, and everyone was just oblivious of it?

-The MSM and feminists think young males are dropping out. My theory for where college age guys are going after they graduate:

1- Alphas stay right in their little nest

2- High achiever betas move to a Rocky Mountain town, pursue a specialized career path, and raise a family.

3- Low achiever betas / low achiever alphas move to a large coastal city, shack up with several other roommates, and indefinitely work a service industry job while gaming chicks.


-Can you be a successful entrepreneur and a cad? Don’t ask Zuckerberg. Ask Mr. Rose.

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