Body Image

Suddenly, My Body: by Eve Ensler

Photo of Eve, Click if you Dare

“I began to see my body like an iPad or a car. I would drive it and demand things from it. It had no limits. It was invincible. It was to be conquered and mastered like the Earth herself.”

Keira Knightley on Body Image

“It’s the superficial thing of seeing your flaws on the screen. That’s probably going to be all that you see and you focus on the bits you don’t particularly like […] I’m incredibly self-conscious about a lot of parts of it but, equally, I’m aware that it works in certain environments. If you are using your face, if you’re selling it then you become so aware of the flaws because people tell you. And they do so brusquely. So then you start seeing it.”

If you hang around women enough, you start to get the picture that no woman is actually satisfied with her body. If you are a woman, you probably attribute that to men subjecting you with fantastically impossible standards. You might cope with this by hitting the gym repeatedly to try and burn it off. You might continue to eat, relying on grrrl power and rationalizations to build a fortress around your ego. You might actually become a feminist, trying to shame and bully everyone else for your own imperfections. Thank me later, but I’m here to turn your liberal arguments on end and make this CONSERVATIVE yeah baby!

Female body image is directly tied to a woman’s sexual market value, and COMPLETELY NORMAL. That’s right- poor body image, strong body image, no body image- it’s not a disorder. Think of this as inter-female hypergamy: the more women a woman gets to observe with her own two eyes, the better she can place herself in relation to her own peers.

Compare the two quotes above. Is it coincidental that the raging feminist ogre thinks she can drive her body like OJs beat up Ford Bronco? Is it coincidental that sexy Keira Knightley is incredibly self conscious? Are these both self fulfilling prophecies? The ugly treat their body like shit, the beautiful pay endless attention to it?

Knightley reasons that she has use for body image even though it is supposed to be a bad thing, according to feminists. It keeps her hyper focused on staying sexually attractive. Hang her for heresy, claiming body image is good!

At the same time, you can find Eve doing keg stands sans panties at age 35 in the back of some freshman party. If shes an iPad, she is playing on Shuffle, i.e. shuffle from one cock to another. If she were a car, she shifted to cruise control to haphazardly blaze through crowds in the San Marco Piazza.

The irony is that body image is a double standard: it keeps beautiful people beautiful since they always are conscious of losing what they have, but it also drives ugly people over the brink, throwing it all to the wind. The additional irony is that it can harm beautiful people from being too promiscuous and actually running into an alpha, but it can help ugly people by being overly promiscuous and finding an alpha.

You can see that in a system of beautiful chaste women, the one ugly woman who decides to sleep around will likely have every man lining up to fuck her. She has a shot at monopolizing the alpha’s attention with lots of fucking. That could be time well spent of the man daydreaming about the hot girl. Since attention=commitment to a woman thinking of an alpha, hotty loses the hand to ugly. All women will have to turn “ugly” to compete.

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One Response to Body Image

  1. Breeze says:

    First.chick is prob a lezo. That she treats her body like a machine sounds very masculine.

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