Power and Control

We are all guilty of trying to reconcile these two ideas. Most of our lives are spent trying to work out these two ideas. Some begin with one and end up with the other. Some never have either.

It is a chicken or the egg argument: does power beget control, or does control beget power? Or is power control?

The dirty secret is that it always works indirectly: even when you have the greatest power, you also have the least control over those who can threaten you the most.  The President, who might have an entire legion of citizens under him, still suffers from rival overconfident and aggressive Prime Ministers, who he has no control over. It is the objective of people who desperately claw up the hierarchy to make higher positions of authority. One day, there will probably be some world leader, just because all those alpha dogs at the top will want to duke it out.

Alternatively, you might have the most control over a company or yourself even, yet have no power. A CEO might go home and have to suffer an overbearing wife as penance for playing the role of family man. He might not even make it to his position without marriage as a necessary symbol of maturity.

The point is, at the end of the day no one knows in any given moment if you have one, both, or neither. Most of game is ensuring the sex is had before the day is over. It is a sad day to realize that you necessarily have to push for sex as fast as possible to build attraction. It means that we have lost so much power that we can’t display anything to our potential girlfriends and wives, lest they discover we are powerless. The frat boy who gets chicks drunk is no different than PUAs is no different than any other guy today.

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