Free Market Marriage

This post inspired by the Spearhead article  that wonders why young men still get married.

There is only one legit way today that men declare commitment to women. Make no mistake, that one way is pure- 100% -Grade A -uncut – chick crack. We are talking about marriage.

The biggest problem is that, like any free market product, demand is so incredibly high that the government can’t help but try and fuck with every step in the process of producing that product. Whereas marriage is supposed to be a religious symbol, the government took responsibility over, boiled it and sieved it through a politically correct filter, and squirted out the ACME approved version of it.

The requirements to successfully build a happy marriage include:

One man, emotionally stable, who is legally and socially able to appear dominant and bountiful for his wife.

One woman, youthful and vibrant, who has not the weight of the world, but the weight of her husband’s expectation on her shoulders.

One respected social organization giving a seal of approval that the couple will adhere to the rules and regulations NOT to the organization, but to each other.

Social desire to enforce the rules and regulations stemming from the family as the most powerful and organizing political body.


Notice that the government, as it does with EVERYTHING, has to morph that into MONEY, somehow extracting fucking cash from the situation. The government figured out along time ago that the one thing women really want is commitment from an alpha husband. We cannot all be alphas, but we sure can make us all appear to be alphas- and if game has taught one thing, appearances and perception can be favorably bent to help a guy out. So does the ACME stamped method help with that? Fuck no. It’s in their interest to get your alimony.

One further point of contention: there are religious penalties for abandoning marriage that are completely glossed over by the Church today. Divorce is a sin, and although you the individual handle penance for most sins i.e. you have to seek Reconciliaton if you know you commit a sin,  divorce is a public sin. The priest should deny Communion to divorcees that have not sought annulment.


So let’s think up a creative alternative that fulfills the factors above. WITHOUT THE GOVERNMENT’S ABILITY TO STEP IN AND DEMAND A SHARE.


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