Julie Christie “Darling”

Kudos to Ricky Raw and his suggestion to watch this movie. You can see it in parts on the tube here.

I don’t suggest worshiping narcissists (this movie won her an Oscar), but I don’t disagree with being in a relationship with a narcissist. You have to approach a narcissist with an experimental mentality. If making fireworks was ever your hobby, you have probably experienced some of the same emotions. You see, experimental fireworks are sometimes duds. Sometimes they blow sky high before you can blink. Sometimes they agonize you while you wait and see if they will blow. My point is that you can never know what will eventually happen; maybe you get fucked up badly, maybe it just doesn’t work, etc. But you have to be willing to light the fuse to see what happens.


Just a couple of things to point out about Julie Christie’s character in the movie, and about beautiful people in general. Beauty is often part of the same package of good genes, risk-taking behavior, clear complexion, mental alacrity, good metabolism, etc. All of which indicate good fitness which are signals of reproductive fitness. We are ingrained to be attracted to reproductive fitness, so all of these factors convey extremely high value. So what happens when the highest value women are also the most doted on? These women are the biggest fish in the sea, and hordes of fishermen are simply willing to dump their bait buckets overboard. The guys don’t even try to fish; they would rather hope their bait bucket will be big enough to lure her over for a few minutes and they can pet her belly.

All of the men in the movie almost naturally assume that she is a butterfly that flits here and there. All of the men she ends up with are natural results of her (beta supported) high value lifestyle. You can see as different high value (beta) men pop up on her hindbrain radar, she cold approaches, and the guy caves and falls for her. The second guy was pretty suave, but from the first second she pretty much knew he wanted to fuck her with all the flirty banter. Like Ricky Raw points out, she was happy and excited with all the flirty banter- it was narcissist fuel- but once it ended she lost interest FAST.

Did the guys do anything that demonstrated higher value than her? The guy that rolled up in a yacht was pretty G, but in 30 seconds she was on the deck and he was proposing to her. Fuck. Did a guy ever force his image into her hindbrain? No. Did a guy ever appear preselected? Maybe once. Did a guy ever demonstrate that she should be proud to be part of his lifestyle? Nope. It was all just ho-hum mindless work on the side. Even the stupid debauchery scenes (which could demonstrate high value) were genuinely creepy like a nerd panting over a hot woman.

Who knows if the director intentionally omitted a majority of the dark triad traits that tend to draw chicks like this in. All of the male roles, despite their high value lifestyles, lacked the dominant alpha chick-crack personalities.

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