The Excruciating Reality

Roissy talks about the true definition of a beta: ignorance.

Two recent happenings I want to describe. I attend a fairly large SEC school.

The first happening is a cute white freshman girl who sat directly in front of my vision in the food court. She was wearing skimpy exercise type clothing. She was immediately accompanied by a muscular black dude, who was not much larger than her, probly 5’6″. He was smiling alot, with a big black guy toothy smile. It was either a purely confident smile, or a smitten fool smile. Regardless, he clearly had the desire and most likely the confidence to get what he wanted, and you know what that is.

Hypothetically, where does she go from there? I doubt any white guy has the balls to drop in on a black dude and try direct game. I think its pretty certain that if he stays in her social circle long enough, she will cave and fuck him. Then she goes on for another few dozen flings, until she most likely finds some guy to settle with. But the guy she settles with will still most likely be a chiseled upstanding red-blooded all American career boy who used to play sports and became a lawyer. He will be thrilled that she is the love of his life. She will never admit to her past dalliances lest it cost her the present.

The second happening is the chick I fucked who lives a floor below me. I really didn’t give a damn who she was, I just knew I wanted her. I find out that she likes to play friends with my roomate; he probably doesn’t know what I did. But the point is, she can pretty much fill her day with guys who will keep her endlessly entertained, and then go home and fuck me. As a man, how can you not be jealous of that ability? I have maybe two or three girls max at any given time who would do things for me or try and schedule events to invite me to, so I get an invitation about once a week. She literally starts at 9am and can put her whole day together from beta attention. Every day, all week. I can only assume that there are guys on the other side who enjoy that same experience: people want to schedule their whole day.

A final comment: the sexual revolution has allowed women to transcend the bounds of hierarchy. As a guy, you have to be anchored in your one passion for life. If you make it big then you get the privilege of meeting other alpha achievers in different fields. A girl I know will literally spout off guys she knows who are yoga instructors, band drummers, bartenders, artists, athetes, etc. Women have the uncanny ability to meet hundreds of people everywhere and commit them to bed memory. Men simply do not have that luxury if they want to succeed at a young age. There are not enough hours in the day. The world is unfair. But I will get mine when I am older and successful and they are washed up.

So how does that influence my current desires and attitudes? I lost all interest in pursuing shit that doesn’t have the chance of getting me laid regularly. I will never fucking whore myself out for the current system.

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2 Responses to The Excruciating Reality

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  2. littlepdog says: (wrong line in username)

    Beta chodes / AFC’s (same concept, different terms) fulfill women’s attention needs (as do other women to an extent) while alpha males fulfill their sexual needs. If the former knew the whole truth, their collective heads would explode and they would be heartbroken.

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