Verboten Dominance

CL over at Complementarian Loners comments on ‘Taken in Hand’ as a gray area cop out to encouraging male dominance.

The feminine desire to be submissive seems to run the gamut of emotions in a woman’s brain.

Some, like the women at ‘Taken in Hand,’ shy from using the word submission, because they imagine that they really want to be empowered females who happen to like the hobby of playing waif to a dominant man.

Some women fuck the cock carousel, trying to land on the guy who would illogically do more (be dominant) for the same price (free sex)

Some women get into BSDM games and demand lengthy and obtuse boundary contracts that still let them cry unfair.

Some women fall submissive to every man they meet, attract his attention, and naturally inspire the man to go crazy when he realizes that she is submissive yet non-committal to everyone.

Some women rationalize it away entirely, becoming lawyer cunts and ego-stroking spinsters devoid of feminine submission.

The irony is that in any case above, women want the submission. But don’t want the submission. They want the femininity, but also want to preserve their hypergamy. They tend to recognize that the logical cases in which they will fully submit is if he is a 1% billionaire with aggressive tendencies. But even then there is a binary: either they suddenly skyrocket their self-value assessment and eventually get bored or they might feel like they will never be on his level and mire him in shit tests and insecurity.

I’m not sure how you can make the argument that a relationship can be equal. That’s why life is full of grit, the title of this blog. The one potential choice you might make is to eject your relationship to an area full of herbs so that you can blissfully settle in. But even then, you will most likely become what you once hated.

As a man, you have seemingly three choices:

-Never settle in a relationship. Tease your girl with bits about your life, but never fully give in. Keep all options well open. Keep one in the kitchen and three on the side.

-Settle in a relationship. Give in: move the girl in to your house, buy her everything she wants, give her half in the end when she finds the next best level.

-Settle and flee. Run for the hills, keep your wife in the kitchen and pray that you will not have to run in to a more dominant guy than you.

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