Why College is a Waste of Time

If you are associated with a collegiate profession, I feel for you. The profession is becoming increasingly antiquated in the face of mass media, ability to carbon copy information, swarm editing of information, data access, etc. Why consult a “professional” when (if you have the cognitive ability) you can just as easily access the raw data and paint your own conclusion?

The world today does not value perfection or success. Making high grades is almost useless when what actually gets the job is confidence, people-skills, social-circle, charisma, and bull-headedness. In fact, the world awards those who have said “Fuck you” to the man. How does it feel that when you leave your higher education bubble, Lil Wayne is more successful in the real world than you? See, he is an underdog anti-success. He did not try to paint the Mona Lisa with that slight little quirky smile. He did not value composing the most melodical tune to a 50 piece orchestra. He didn’t study anything else but how to get out of his shitty condition.

Education lost its point to the postmodern revolution. Good is bad, bad is good, right is wrong, wrong is right. The paradigm has shifted. That’s how the real world works. Education cannot compete with this, hence natural selection is going to eliminate it one way or another.

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2 Responses to Why College is a Waste of Time

  1. littlepdog says:

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    Very few professions (law, medicine, engineering and economics off the top of my head) require any real learning at a tertiary institution. When you start full time work after your degree, you’ll be trained on the spot for the job, what you learned in your degree becomes less and less important with time. If anything, these days a college degree is an indicator to the employer of how intelligent you may or may not be. If they consider you to be smart enough, and then think you’ll work well, be productive and be a good group worker they’ll hire you and train for the job on the spot. Post-grad studies, especially across the Pacific in the USA is window dressing, since your underage degrees aren’t career oriented and getting qualified often requires post-graduate studies. Use your time in college as a means to build connections and get laid. That’s what I’m going to do when I start university next year.


  2. littlepdog says:

    Edit: UNDER-grad studies, especially across the Pacific in the USA is window dressing*

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