Jesus Christ the Underdog

Have a profound Easter. That means you, friends and enemies of Catholicism and Christianity. Because Christ doesn’t distinguish the two.

In the near future I will post an analysis on a 2006 study on dominance that I have been mulling over. One point well made in the essay is the ultimate propensity for the alpha male to use violence to control his position in the hierarchy. Kind of odd then, that the most famous man ever would advocate nonviolence?

Christ realized that the only power men have is granted to them from other men. He could stand in front of a governor or a king and say “you have no power. Here is the guy who stands above you and jerks your chain and gives you power.” The only thing to do when you realize that you have no power but your own two hands is to fight. Hence why jesus had to die by violence.

Regardless of if he is or isnt a king, he sure had a lot of confidence to be poor and to claim as much. Therefore if you believe in Game, you are not far off from believing in Jesus christ. The overconfidence and irrational belief in ones abilities are awfully similar. Just picture that Roosh could have been Jesus (he actually was for Haloween).

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