Giving in to the Times

When you can’t oppose the endless stream of feminist women and illogic logic any longer, you eventually must throw in the towel and start to adopt some of the feminist ways. This blog hereby will offer some ways for men to adopt the feminist mentality and stay true to themselves.

1. Men are unfairly subjugated to the working environment which often hinders the male ability to pursue women. With feminism we acknowledge that women want to work to make a living to prove they are not held back by the patriarchy, whereas we men always just did it out of necessity. Therefore men should should not even need a monetary system, and should just get everything free at the expense of working women.

2. Men are unabashedly discriminated against for being nothing more than a walking fuck-machine. We men actually have an intellectual side as well, but we have to put it aside to pursue our more emotional animal instincts. Therefore men should not have to work for sex so that we can actually concentrate on higher pursuits without thinking of other men as competition. Maybe a secret code word that men can say, i.e. “free cookies”, that a woman must immediately oblige by dropping her panties and waiting spread eagle.

3. As a corollary, those men who choose to practice a hobby will reap monetary benefits for achievements. For example, a guitar player who can play every major chord gets a $1000 dollar monthly bonus. If he can play an accurate rendition of the Beatles “Get Back” solo, he gets a $500 dollar award. Instead of writing laws, men will spend their time comparing achievements in different hobbies, sports, and realms and deciding on their monetary award values.

4. Men will get lots of free birth control.

We will call ourselves ‘masculinists’ so that the matriarchy will understand our plight.

If you have any other points to add, by all means, activism for masculinists is greatly encouraged.

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One Response to Giving in to the Times

  1. katybrandes says:

    Your mother, sister, daughter and wife/partner would also agree ~ thanks for posting!

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