Dominance vs. Machiavellianism: How to Eliminate Feminism Forever

This is probably the most important thing I will ever write, and that will be written in the current era. Call it a manifesto of the future if you want.

Do women want equality to men? Or do women want freedom from oppression? This is the most fundamental point that will corrupt feminism and continue to destroy our country.

Feminists love to trot out the trope that it is all just about seeking equality with men. Feminists love to point out the pay gap that women could theoretically profit from. They love to point out the “double standard” when it comes to sexual relations. They love to imagine that there is progress,  and full ‘equality’ is not far off sometime in the near future.

But what if all these traits, all of them pointing at supposed ‘equality’, are just a red herring for the real issue? In other words, just camouflage for something else?

Feminism is more about fighting oppression- NOT about creating equality.

Though they might seem the same, one is a bottom up approach to life, like nothing exists but you have the creativity and desire to fill it with experience. The other is a top down, your life could be full if only you could be released from a higher power to do so.

This two-pronged approach is no coincidence. Read this selection from Dominance, Status and Social Hierarchiesa 2006 evolutionary biology study.

There is a large literature on deception among primates that suggests
“Machiavellian” intent in some primate social interactions (Whiten & Byrne, 1988a;
Byrne, 1995). The major outcome of most of these deceptions is flouting social norms
without getting caught, a singularly effective strategy by which low-ranking individuals
improve their access to resources (see Cummins, 2000 for examples).

For example, dominant males monopolize reproduction opportunities by aggressing against or
threatening to aggress against females and subordinate males who are caught socializing
or consorting (Cheney & Seyfarth, 1990, p. 227). Because of the high risks involved in
such forbidden liaisons, females and subordinate males often engage in deception, such
as concealing their trysts behind obstacles and suppressing their copulation cries
(Kummer, 1988; de Waal, 1988).

Now consider these two hypothetical gender roles, past and present. They represent two different ideologies.

Past: As a man I have to start a business and create a lifestyle for my family. As a woman, I have to stay chaste and marry a husband who will support me.

Present: As a man, I have been held down. Fuck the world, you don’t own me. I’m gonna fuck you over when I get the chance, cause you don’t give a shit about me. As a woman, I need to get a college degree so that I am respected as a woman. I don’t even think about kids, and there’s no good men around anyway.

In one mentality, men have to be creative and express a world for people to believe in. In the other, unwilling or unable to offer alternative, the mentality is simply “how do you destroy the current system?”. The men today are stuck in a Machiavellian rut, because we are legally prevented from expressing dominance. From the study, a dominant society:

1. Forms tight knit communities of similar traits based on alliances and sharing

2. Eliminate unnecessary socialization between women and males.

3. Promote honesty and openness of sentiment. 

Do any of these happen today? No; all three are actually encouraged (and legally enforced) in the other direction.

Flipping the script, a Machivellian society:

1. Promotes self expression, and portray people as unique. This eventually hurts communal interaction.

2. Encourage socialization, convince people to constantly seek new yet shallow friendships. Make people think that they are missing out if they are not socializing.

3. Deny people the ability to profess true sentiments which could unite people. Prevent true opinions from forming and being expressed. 

Which set of these opposing values do we abide by today? Now you see why there is an overabundance of distrusting- tattooed- hater – man-child- unique snowflake- empowered career-chick- diverse- and vibrant people out there.

Back to the original point, feminism is not looking for equality. Feminism is looking for a position free of oppression. Don’t be surprised when feminists want to walk around naked in public. Don’t be surprised when feminists demand a manservant to feed them. Don’t be surprised when feminists make any outrageous demand. Are these conditions giving women equality to men? No. Are they freeing women from apparent oppression? Yes. Realize that there will never be a limit to the demands that feminists will try to convince are oppressing their lives.

Remember: the female id wants a dominant man to freely and passionately succumb to. It does not naturally want a subversive narcissist or pandering wimp. The study admits that the dark triad Machivellian strategy is sucessful, but not as much as a dominant strategy. We are headed to a world in which smooth words and promises are doomed in the face of action and cold-blooded reality.

As a man, how do you usher in the new world?

I will break down what you can do related to the three points above, and how you will feel more masculine and empowered than ever before.

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