The Handicap Principle

And specifically, how it relates to an upper class/ lower class dynamic in a country.

Discussing Problems is a Waste of Time at The Angry Dad blog

Here is a state funded research project at the University of Missouri that the first commenter, Zorro, debunks quite easily.

Girls: YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP (with no regard for outcome).

Boys: Am I going to solve my problem by doing X? If no, then fuck it!

…for the past 50,000 years. And they have to do a study on it. 

If men recognize their roles in society- ones that are usually founded in stoicism, chivalry, or even anger and aggression- they certainly know instinctively that gossiping about problems is often more harmful and useless than not. In fact, a man talking about his problems is often implicitly recognized as a demonstration of lower value since you have not been able to solve the problems on your own. With Game, a man would never admit to any problem, whatsoever. Sexual attraction killer.

The nearest personal experience I can relate is a girl who had a nagging tendency to constantly ask, “whats wrong?” If I answered “nothing is wrong. Absolutely nothing. True story, all honesty,” it only increased her resolve that something was wrong. She wouldn’t let it go and would force it into a real issue. After more experience and reading about game, it became clear that entering her frame to begin with was a sucker’s bet.

So why does the government fund studies that continue to look for problems where they don’t exist? Its really no different than the girl who constantly looks for problems where there are none. The government has an incentive to invent a ridiculous hypothesis, like half of boys are hyperactive, try and find any corroborative evidence ‘scientifically’, and then create a solution to the problem that happens to benefit them.

I have noticed a similar trait in alpha male behaviors. The highest value men tend to point out some flaw in their competition, requiring the ‘flawed’ person to qualify to to the higher power that they are actually ok. It can be delivered with the guise of caring or the guise of causing an irritation to the whole group.

If the competitor reassures everyone in the group that there is nothing wrong with him, he has sacrificed his competitive chances since he entered the alpha’s frame.

If the competitor admits that something is wrong, and the problem is personal, he gets socially shafted to loser-dom. The group dynamic is all about pleasure, and he will be excommunicated before he can bring the emotions of the group down.

Its a lose lose situation.

The government is in a position to cause huge groups of people to handicap themselves. Simply convince men that “its really ok and healthy to talk about your problems.” Guys will then find a problem to talk about. Then they will seem weak and effiminate. Could you imagine asking a boy “whats wrong?” and having him answer: “well, my friend at school is a fucking douchebag who slept with my girlfriend and now I want to slit his throat, but I can’t because Sarah really liked him, and if I want to hook up with Sarah I have to keep looking friendly, but if I do, he starts to seem more powerful than me and I know I will start to appear weak, which might actually drive Sarah to him.”

Needless to say, it appears a little unhinged. Now could you imagine if all the boys who interviewed for the survey were to say: “Discuss problems? Only had one my whole life- when Fluffy died. He was really cute.”

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