Deny your Nature

When we fail to agree that life is difficult and a trial, we become deluded and seduced that life is not just about survival. What makes life difficult is different for both sexes, but both are directly tied to success.

Some of the most successful men have died repeatedly throughout their life. Though their biology compels them to survive as long as possible, they must deny their nature and put it all on the line.

Alternatively, some of the most successful women have reserved themselves the most. When their nature compelled them to indulge, be a hedonist, or to do more more more, they implicitly preserved their natural state.

Watch Yasmin Le Bon. 


Here you have one of the most beautiful women tell you how being a careerist model and trying to raise children is one of the most painful and guilty experiences she has ever felt. She also tells us how she consciously sacrifices her career ambition by having children. She also tells us how she actually desires responsibility, because by embracing the responsibilities of her own career, she obtains control overself.

A feminist could never understand that pursuing a career is entirely separate from pursing responsibility. If only women pursued responsibility over her actions, she would become more empowered than she would ever be likewise. A feminist only tries to justify taking more risks, pushing the limit, and being more open, coarse, or vain.

Of course, I, being a man, contradict my writing on what a man should do, since writing this blog is purposely conflict avoidant. So you have to take my point of view with a grain of salt.

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