The LCWR Witch Hunt

The above link is the official Catholic document announcing the details of the investigation behind the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

If you are unfamiliar with the situation, it goes like this:

The Holy See initiates a bishop to investigate a number of increasingly radical feminist claims within the LCWR. Pro-feminist and theologically subversive speeches were given over the course of 10 years that were unchallenged, which the Church has to assume to be a breach of Catholic doctrine. The leadership of the LCWR claimed ignorance, that the personal beliefs of the speakers don’t reflect the organization’s beliefs, but the Church called them out.

Additionally, the LCWR was strangely quiet about entering discussions about abortion, contraception, and euthanasia. The Church assumed that the quiet about the issues was a camouflage for protecting conflicting beliefs with the organization, beliefs passed off as doctrinally legitimate.

How does the situation apply to a witch hunt? Its the old battle-royale between women’s instincts and society, yet again. We have made the case over and over that by definition, society must reign in women’s hypergamous instincts so that men can concentrate on other things besides killing each other over sex. The result is that women are eternally conflicted between their desire and their consciousness. Its the hamster vs. logic argument. Women can think any belief at all, but can and will act illogically to those thoughts when their instincts take over, i.e. making hypergamy happen.

It just so happens that feminism is a set of beliefs that resonate with women on an instinctual level, in other words, resonates with hypergamy. To suggest that there is male authority designed to oppress women is an ugly truth, but a truth nonetheless. It could be evolutionary, it could be instinctual, it could be cold and calculated, it could be completely unconscious, but it still happens. That’s how society works. That’s how we biologically work.

So the knowledge that a group of women are allowed to exist and to pursue their hypergamy creates a revolution without a leader. There is no snake with a head to cut off. There is no feminist political entity with an alpha leader. Every woman becomes a leader of her own revolution. The Catholic church is going to find feminism embedded and entrenched in this organization deeper than an Arkansas tick.

The Catholic church is going to be in a dilemma. Women are going to want the best of both worlds, both preserve their own hypergamy and their social/religious position. So if the Church ignores it when they find rampant feminism in every woman in the church, with every woman unwilling to let go of their hypergamous beliefs, they will continue to lose their legitimacy.

On the other hand, if the Church tries to admonish women for adhering to feminism, it still loses legitimacy in the form of female acceptance and participation. The Church will appear needy and desperate to hold on to the last women that participate, thus driving even more women away.

Hoe does the Church solve the dilemma? Witch hunt. It necessarily has to establish alpha cred again by sacrificing as many women as necessary to get women believing in the Church again. It has to reinforce the beliefs of feminine submission by extreme shame, corporal punishment, or some other excommunication.

I wrote about The Next Great War under the assumption that it would be between an international upper class of capitalists and a lower class of regional culturalists. It might also be reasonable to suggest that if the Catholic Church doesn’t succumb to milquetoast acceptance of feminism, we might see a new religious war between feminist governments and the Holy See.

The world is looking more and more exciting.

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