Two Faced Girls

I recently sat through an awards ceremony that presented to a co-ed student body. I was familiar with one girl who was called up. I see her around – usually at night. In various bars. With various guys. Of varying degrees of social rejection.

It got me thinking about the curious double lives that some careerist chicks lead. This girl will probably go on to be a highly successful academic who will have the ability to influence thousands. She will do it on a campus that cultivates a deep aura of respect and responsibility. She will be expected to communicate with both men and women of high degrees and multiple accomplishments. If she has a family, she will be expected to do her best to be a role model to her children.

And yet, on the weekend, she will head out to the dirtiest, dingiest, most hedonistic places in the city. She will behave in a manner incredibly low-class, and seek the attention of tattooed, drunk, and overly violent sociopaths. She will consume alcohol until the feelings of shame and responsibility disappear. Then she will ‘see him’, wash, rinse, and repeat.

If my great grandfather were alive today, he would probably emotionlessly take this type of girl into the back room, look her in the eye, and smack the shit out of her until she apologized and promised never to do it again.

PS. Thats Hillary knocking them back. I need a wing while I hit on the cougars, any volunteers?

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One Response to Two Faced Girls

  1. InT says:

    I’ve long suspected this about a lot of the goody-goody scholarship-“winning” girls I’ve known. Girls are masters at presentation and theater, showing one side to gullible audiences and another to more “gritty” audiences. What you saw at the award ceremony was just a larger version of the clean, angelic face women put on around beta orbiters. I think society, as it stands, is one big beta orbiter of women. Meanwhile, ordinary guys are treated with suspicion.

    Good blog. Wish I found it earlier!

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