Compare and Contrast: Dominance Scenes from Hollywood

In an effort to get you hot and bothered  attract a new demographic  keep you well educated in pop culture, I offer some scenes of dominance from some popular stuff.

Don Draper, the magnificent specimen that Machiavelli would have a beer with, is more or less raped in this scene. The chick’s overt desire wrapped in tissue thin shit tests are almost comical enough to ruin the moment, but he actually pulls a sexy move with the nape grab. This one is definitely going into the inventory.

After you finish lamenting our world of double standards, in which male nerd-recluse-introvert-hermits are fucked but chick introverts are ever hotter, you will enjoy this bit of Lisabeth Salander. Pay attention to the game in this clip, game so good it gives you wet dreams just imagining it happening to you, as Lisabeth goes from sitting/ doing nothing and drinking to lesbian makeout faster than 4G. I cried last night, wishing I could sit there and have chicks walk up and start macking on my face. The world’s not fair!

PS Heres a freebie for you, Rooney Mara in some other movie making out. I felt something move.

We have come along way since 1968. Starring hottie and ex-girl of Mick Jagger-Marianne Faithfull, this movie got an X rating (but is on Youtube, shows you how scandalous it is). For a second I was convinced that feminism is actually about women being free to pursue the alpha, like this chick does for an hour and a half straight, but then I came back to reality with all that “equality” and “equal rights” mumbo jumbo.

Compare and contrast “empowered chick circa 1968” and “empowered chick circa 2011” of the Girl on a Motorcycle and  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, respectively. Both wear all black. Both ride growling motorcycles. The ’68 chick is blonde. The 2011 one not so much.

This entire movie is one huge alpha pull. Nothing ever shakes the guy’s frame, ever. In fact, it was probably X-rated just because it admits that the bad boy on a motorcycle is hotter than the stupid wimp nice guy. But the endless scenes of her riding with a goofy grin is fucking retarded. Just shows you that feminists started out overjoyed that they could now chase the alpha cock, then slowly devolved to ugly screeching harpies as they realized that they could get all of the sex but never the commitment.

“Now you know the thrill of wrapping your legs around a tornado of pounding pistons.”



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