Careerist Value vs Alpha Value

A woman I know reflects the careerist power chick stereotype perfectly. She has an impressive list of credentials that she earned for herself, works several jobs, has a long list of different entrepreneurial ventures, is a single mother, and frequently lectures on the need to stand up and fight in this world. She thinks it is her job to overcome any and all adversity supposedly thrown at her.

She claims that her most important value is the importance of having as many credentials as possible. If you approach a job, you might have the one defining project or accomplishment that could one-up the competition.  This is almost exactly word for word.


Having acknowledged the importance of credentials, there is an order of magnitude much higher than credentials that I don’t think careerist women could ever understand. We are talking about alpha confidence / charisma.

The most successful men have an ability to cold approach someone they have never met, create an emotional connection, and influence the other person to see the man as high value. The guy makes you believe, if he wasn’t otherwise alpha and high in demand, that somehow you and him would be perfect for a project together. I have seen this time and again once you learn to recognize it. You might never talk with the high-value man again, but in five minutes he has already given you a mental projection of some event or activity you could do together- some special connection usually based on your passion or interest.  You walk away imagining the potential.

This type of personality can do this with literally every person he meets. It makes him a huge asset to any company, credentials not necessary. Why? The importance of the business world is not the work achieved- its the work coming in. It is nice to step back and admire the accomplishments at the end of the day career, but until you get there, you got to have prospects lined up.

Women have this ability but simply cannot employ it in this way. In terms of their skills, the buck stops at the female body. See, the hottest women are natural born salesman of themselves. They manage the demand for the product(social skills), don’t show their cards to the highest bidder (play cool with the alpha), reassure low bidders to keep interest high (beta orbiters), and keep the product fresh (fashion and makeup).

But unlike a charismatic guy, they are biologically prevented from convincing anyone that there is anything of higher value than her body. They are investors, consumers, marketers, economists, analysts, and salesman of themselves.

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3 Responses to Careerist Value vs Alpha Value

  1. rgoltn says:

    So true! I cannot tell you how many women I come across with business cards that have 3-5 3-word Acronyms after their name. MBA, MHA, BAA, blah, blah, blah… It is funny that they have such a need to put that out there. The successful Alpha guys never promote their credentials because they do not have the need. They possess charsima and intelligence that others seek. It is Social Credentials vs. Education/Job Credentials.

  2. P Ray says:

    Just ’cause she has those words on a card, doesn’t mean she actually has those qualifications, or even the prerequisite knowledge behind it.
    There are people walking around with MBA’s who do not even have a degree – even a dog can get an MBA.
    More importantly, you should see what their first degree was.
    They are less likely to lie about that.

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