War of the World: Hypergamy


Feminism, apocalypse, alpha, and id/ego. The future battlefield will be littered with the petty lies, double standards, progressive vs conservative argument, and most numerously, the language that we spend on the mentioned subjects. This war will be our undoing.

We have spent thousands of years existing in patriarchal cultures. Good or bad, the reigning patriarchy culture usually found ways to survive the longest. The reigning patriarchy culture was led by a man, a symbol, or a belief. The reigning culture often succumbed to the next culture as ‘progress’ occured.

Technology is eliminating culture.  It is no longer easy to pencil in dividing lines that could pit one culture against another. The Nazis were the last biggest. The only true remaining are Israel/Palestine, and if the remaining Arabic countries could effectively believe in Islam (short of forcible imposition of islamic belief), Arabs vs. Western.

Culture has no reason to fight culture anymore short of wholesale desperation for food and survival. The remnants of culture could fight it out,  but it would be the most cognitively dissonant, stressful, non-empathetic bloodbath for survival the world has ever seen; no longer a battle of beliefs, human will, or morals. Pure animal.

I digress.

Progress has morphed: it used to be culture vs. culture: Now it is culture vs. hypergamy. Progress has unlocked and encouraged female sexuality. Progress demonizes control over female sexuality.

In the old scheme, hypergamy only reared its head in the form of one progressive society vs. another conservative society. Now all societies are becoming subverted by it.

The pyramid will collapse when the harbinger of hypergamy is subverted to the core by hypergamy. Imagine the snake that eats its tail.  The United States allowed feminism to come into existence. It will meet its doom when the President gets divorced, cuckolded, or otherwise consumed by matriarchy at the top. Why?

The USA allows for the low class, the middle class, and increasingly, the upper class to succumb to contraception, divorce, abortion. The upper classes support it as necessary evils of progress. But when a woman demands divorce from the president, she will demand the trappings of a share of the power of the presidency. The upper class will be fucked by the very force it believes in. The symbol of the Presidency will no longer resemble a symbol of the curiosity, hard work, or manifest destiny of the Constitution. The Constitution will become ineffectual. People will split. Support the patriarchal USA? Support the matriarchal abortion that squirts out of the illegitimate motherland USA?

From there, people will fight. One side will believe it necessary to beat the hypergamous instincts out of women a la witch hunt. The other side will wholeheartedly embrace the empowerment of women. The contention will define sides.

Ironically, the winner will be the conservative side. It will find that by beating and subjecting women, women will naturally become feminine and fall in line. The oppressive patriarchy will royally fuck progressive movement. Why? Cause when it conquers women, rapes them, and unabashedly oppresses both friendly and enemy women, all women are going to submit to it. The progressive movement will not only lose its wind, it will have its windpipe stomped shut.

Go ask the Spartans. Go ask the Mongol hordes. Go ask Alexander. Go ask any culture in the past. They conquer, then they submit to themselves. They never do see the next conqueror.

*PS these are simply observations of the environment. These are not calls to war or representative of any subversive motive. This is a commentary.

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One Response to War of the World: Hypergamy

  1. Simon says:

    Go ask Byzantium. Woops…

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