Feminized Society vs. Maculinized Society

This is a comment I left at Dalrock’s blog on this post.

I don’t think you could argue that a young attractive girl would need to lower her dating expectations. Many guys line up paid dates for her way in the hopes that their Lexus and payroll will convince her to settle down. Many guys will try to overlap her career and theirs just to be around her, so that they can convince her to settle down. Meanwhile she can sample from among any of them.

Why would she lower her expectations? To fulfill the expectations of someone lower than her? Hah- makes no sense for hypergamy. Her body is telling her to be a demure waif and let the aggressive guys duke it out socially so that she gets her pick of the litter. In a feminized society, that’s how the chips fall. The women with the most attractive power have the most ability to get guys lined up and competing for her. Doesn’t matter if she has 1 partner, 20, or 200. The most attractive women can still pull regularly, appear feminine and innocent, yet have a high partner count. That is the definition of a powerful woman freed by feminism. It is unfortunate that lesser powerful women who are less attractive or less feminine are not able to attract higher status men via the same script. But women aren’t built to understand how to shoot lower. If she is attracting marriageable stable men at the same time she is attracting indie-drummers, her choice is a no brainer.

The ‘patriarchy’ worked because women followed the script of separating themselves from a social life. They also followed the script to stay out of men’s affairs and the office. It helped the entire male sphere.

Imagine a cute girl standing by herself, facing twenty men on the other side of the room. Now one guy approaches her while the rest stand idly by. She knows that he must be alpha. All of the 19 others know that he is going to take her home and have sex with her. But since they do nothing to stop it, it makes him the most reproductively fit. They must instinctively fear him to let it happen.

But those men could have negotiated amongst themselves who would benefit the most by having her. Maybe they figure out that letting a less attractive guy connect with the girl could help the group recruit aid from an outside group of less attractive men.

This is an analogy of why men controlling access to sex is a stronger system than men competing directly for access to sex. This is why marriage in the old sense worked. This is why western civilization could conquer so much and expand so far. This is why it is out of luck now.



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One Response to Feminized Society vs. Maculinized Society

  1. zorroprimo says:

    Absolutely positively correct!

    As Roissy says, Biomechanics conquers all.

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