Random Observation for the Day

If a group of ten men suddenly understand the machinations of the female id, their infighting and social jockeying can only last for so long before an outside group of 10 ignorant men say, “Gee, those guys try to be such unique snowflakes we could pick them off one by one. They couldn’t overcome their lifelong ‘fuck the system’ complexes if they tried.”

In other words, the world isn’t conquered by 1 jock, 1 hipster, 1 tribal meathead, 1 rasta, 1 blue collar, 1 fanny-pack schlump, 1 businessman, 1 fauxhawk vibrant, 1 guido, 1 politician.

The world is conquered by 10 neutral gray pressed oxford shirt wearing conscripts.

A question: when it happens, will the former 10 be able to put on their own OD green shirts? Will they even want to?

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