Marriage POWER


All men want it. All men talk in secret about how to get more of it.

Women want to be with a man who wants it. But women hate verbally talking about power. They would rather see who naturally becomes the most powerful.

I left this comment at Dalrock’s blog about the inherent transfer of power that MUST accompany marriage:

The reason marriage exists is to provide a man who would otherwise be delinquent or have a “peter pan” complex with those things he most desires: reciprocal power over a woman that results in his children. It works because when society recognizes that power, women naturally see these men as high value and the entire baseline of men who are ‘manly men’, ‘dominant’, ‘powerful’, ‘alpha’ goes up. It works because the animal side of humanity would have all women chasing an increasingly narrower margin of alphas, leaving all men to suffer.

To believe in the foundation of marriage requires all parties to understand that this is a societal granting of power to the husband. Like Rollo says, “Every man loves a slut, he just wants her to be HIS slut.” Marriage was the only social law that actually sought to enforce this concept. EVER. Else its just the woman’s hypergamy instincts controlling her actions.

Unless the marriage grants the husband power, it doesn’t work. Today the government doesn’t give the marriage any power- it only takes away power in the form of divorce money. Maybe if a government marriage gave the husband rights over his wife and children that were beyond the scope of rights protected by the legislative, executive, or judicial branches of government, it would actually then be a recognizable transfer of power to the husband’s authority. Like: “A wife can make claim against her husband, but because of the marriage contract she forgoes some rights of a woman citizen who would otherwise be her equal.”

I doubt you will ever see this kind of rhetoric in the public realm ever again. No entity in today’s world will actually pursue and aggressively assert the rights of men. The only choice is to make demands of the Catholic Church in the hopes that it comes to vigorously reassert the inherent power a man receives in marriage. The resulting dissonance between the government’s “power of the woman is feminism” versus the Church’s “power of the man in marriage” would then initiate a “let’s you and him fight” scenario.


Marriage is at odds with hypergamy. Feminist women unlocked by hypergamy screech the loudest about the most fundamental core of marriage: the direct power of the man over his wife, and the indirect power he receives through her commitment. Marriage is a social guarantee that the man will always have power, no matter what poor condition he might be in, over his wife and children. It therefore is chains and bondage for the hypergamist woman who would immediately seek to leave him for better. Screech goes the hamster.

Corollary: without the power of marriage, men have to believe that they are a  catch, so that the woman comes to believe that he is a catch and therefore seeks to latch on to him. It results in all sorts of Machiavellian, narcissistic, inflated ego, socially destructive mentalities.

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