The Sexual Logic of Closure

It is well documented that women have to have the last word in a relationship. Men recognize this and always attempt to deny the last word.

Hypothetical scenario. You come on to a girl hard and strong with a strong frame. She relents, goes out, and you sleep with her. Now, depending on how you handle it, you could be low value or high value.

If you are low value, you are desperate to have sex again, and probably waste no time trying to remind her how much fun you are together.

But you wait a few days for next contact. This automatically conveys that you are higher value because you either have other options, or you have high value because  you have been in this situation before to understand it.

If you are high value, you are not desperate to have sex again, either because:

you have concurrent relationships, giving you an abundance of options

Through her actions, you subconsciously know you need to shoot higher and move on.

Through her actions is the greatest loophole the hamster has ever granted us. In the course of seduction, you either blindly reject the red flags that she drops, and therefore demonstrate low value through your ignorance- or you recognize them, accept them temporarily for the bang, and then reject them for the long term. Make no mistake: she will drop red flags.

The beauty is, her hamster must protect her ego in the form of closure- she has to voluntarily offer herself to you sexually again and put the onus back on you. If you established the frame of higher value saying “I reject her,” that makes for an interesting situation when (it will happen) she willingly seeks you out.

Because, with the onus back on you, there are several options:

You hesitate to resexualize, even though you want sex again. Her hamster perceives that you are a nice guy who won’t be a douchebag and push her for sex. You have become a nice friend, since you are willing to hold back your desires. She sexually rejects you.

You awkwardly resexualize, and therefore her hamster perceives that you area weirdo or creep. She promptly takes the frame and rejects you.

You efficiently resexualize. Her hamster perceives you as alpha. But you initially conveyed that you were rejecting her in favor of other options (higher value, remember?), so you have still entered her frame, albeit alpha. Her hamster cannot perceive this as a loss of attraction, nor can she reject you if you go on believing you are higher value. The catch is that the more you sex her (short of other options), the more you see her as long term material. This is why the best players conceal their other relationships and never seem to get locked down in her mind. Sex could go on indefinitely until her hamster creeps in and cuts her off.

You purposely deny her the opportunity to see her again. This might seem like you are keeping hand, but is is too insecure and she will spin it into weirdo. (“Why won’t he answer the door?”) If you are over her with no hard feelings, it wouldn’t happen this way.

You genuinely have multiple passions and or concurrent relationships. Chances are her hamster will spin any which way to get you to notice her again.


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