Raise your Son to Be a Man- oops I Meant Thug

Thanks to feminism, raising a son is now just one big fitness test.

In lieu of teaching him how to stand his ground, never yield, control the situation, never apologize for being a man, be confident, be agressive, use success to fuel more success, have many options, have a social life-

-any of these are actually grounds for punishment in the social realm.

Instead, to be politically correct, he has to learn how  to yield, especially to women, how to sacrifice his position on a subject to be politically correct, how to apologize, how to be assertive but nice, how to enjoy success while it happens, how to feel special that he has any options at all, and how to give up knowing everyone for that special someone.

A man may want to raise his son in the former mold, but can only do so if socially approved, aka alpha.

Therefore men who attempt to instill these traits from a weaker position than “alpha dad” will probably face no end to bickering or shaming for poisoning the minds of the boys.

With the spectres of no fault divorce, social shaming, and feminism floating around, how the hell do you raise a son short of asshole thuggery? Fuck if I know. But clearly game is required before the birth of any kids just to have a shot at raising him. Dads who have lofty morals like “honor” “commitment” or “strength” are kidding themselves when the guy next door knocks up an endless stream of baby daddys.

Of course, maybe we really just want society to continue churning out spawn of bad boys. Those are genuine people with genuine attraction for each other, despite how socially destructive it becomes. Those guys are definitely “true to themselves” when they show their kids that a life of drugs, illicit dealings, or rampant ‘fuck everyone’ attitudes is actually pretty street smart.

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