In which I predict the future…

In an old post I wrote:

Do women want equality to men? Or do women want freedom from oppression? This is the most fundamental point that will corrupt feminism and continue to destroy our country.

Feminists love to trot out the trope that it is all just about seeking equality with men. Feminists love to point out the pay gap that women could theoretically profit from. They love to point out the “double standard” when it comes to sexual relations. They love to imagine that there is progress,  and full ‘equality’ is not far off sometime in the near future.

Back to the original point, feminism is not looking for equality. Feminism is looking for a position free of oppression. Don’t be surprised when feminists want to walk around naked in public. Don’t be surprised when feminists demand a manservant to feed them. Don’t be surprised when feminists make any outrageous demand. Are these conditions giving women equality to men? No. Are they freeing women from apparent oppression? Yes. Realize that there will never be a limit to the demands that feminists will try to convince are oppressing their lives.

Here today is an article making the case:

Woman Stuns Tourists by Walking Around Manhattan Topless

Not safe for work, but safe for children in public? Hmm. I smell a cooch conundrum.

“The 29-year-old said her bare-breasted stunt was intended ‘to raise awareness that it is legal for woman to be topless anywhere a guy can be without a shirt.”

“‘I know what I’m up to so I don’t mind that kind of sacrifice, it’s about equality’ she said.”

According to the article, it has been legal since 1992 to be publicly naked in New York City. So, assuming the law has become your moral compass, it is perfectly normal for a woman to do it.

Look closely at the language she uses, and compare it to the language of the previous blog post. The hypothesis is that ‘equality’ is simply a red herring for ‘freedom from oppression’ which happens to be biologically ingrained. Except that there is no limit to what a woman thinks she can demand to finally be free from oppression.

Think about this: at the Declaration of Independence, the founders delineated a clear set of grievances that England failed to fulfill. Failure to comply represented a sign of dishonor worthy of the resulting American Revolution. England necessarily had to attack the USA to protect her own honor.

Now ask: where is the feminist equivalent? Where is the list of clear demands that women want to see fulfilled? It doesn’t exist. No more proof is necessary that you are living in a feminized society.

Doesn’t this sound like a bad relationship? ‘Hubby, you aren’t making me haaaapppyyy! So do all the chores, make the money, and then  I will go sleep with the hot lawyer next door I will love you.’

PS. If you watch the video, pay attention to the beta gnashing of teeth that occurs. Where were these guys any other day, proactively preaching these kinds of ‘values’ on a soap box? Didn’t happen, cause they are too feminine to be proactive.

PPS. Look at the actions, and not the words: a woman in public still causes a swarm of dominance displays. Doesn’t matter the content of the rhetoric, it still attracts a swarm of men willing to duke it out to be the last beta standing. Also look at how she went from enjoying the attention- smiles and cheery photos- to complete buzzkill with the bombastic logic and overreactions by the cameraman.

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