Do Women Let Go?

Roosh tweeted a blog post about the ridiculous case of white female antidepressant use. Something like 3 times more than men.

If you take a look at some of Dusk in Autumn’s posts throughout his archive, he makes a case of all kinds of human sociological phenomenon tied to the homicide rate and falling crime / rising crime times. The qualities of these times differ considerably: rising crime tends to correlate with social trust, belief in the supernatural, spiritual yearning, desire for personal connections, desire for extroverted experiences, and expressions of powerlessness- usually in the form of living each day like its the last, pushing boundaries, embracing emotions, etc. Alternately, falling crime times correlate with social isolation, shallow relationships, introversion, desire to minimize potentially conflicting relationships, lack of empathy, self control, dullness, etc. At first glance, it seems backwards- but humans actually become more interested in going out and living when their chances of dying increase. I digress.

Antidepressants are just another ego-driven attempt at self control. Very rarely do you see a woman older than 20 who can portray the kind of flirtiness or femininity of a rising crime ingenue. In fact, the personality differences probably disgust and abhor each other. An empowered grrrl who wants to run her own law firm probably shudders at the thought of the waif who cries too often, wears no shoes, and looks at the stars every night- and vice versa.

Scarily, a woman high on drugs like Valium resembles a woman from a rising crime time. Cat Power would agree.

The only prediction I can offer is that depression will disappear when the homicide rate pendulums backward. People will reignite that genuine awe for drinking life from a fountain.

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One Response to Do Women Let Go?

  1. TAllagash says:

    depressants. the socially more acceptable version of illicit drugs.
    girls think it’s glamorized b/c of the high powered women who use them. and like with everything else, it gives them a term, a clinical diagnosis to fall back on>

    “I slept with him b/c i was depressed about work.”
    “i flipped out and stalked him b/c i’m a (*#$(@*#@ depressive.”
    “i cracked his phone password and read every fbook message for 3 years before we dated b/c……blah blah fucking blaaaaah.”

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