Trouble Falling Asleep? Hack It-

Not sure why these three phenomenon work, but if you have a lot on the mind, you might be surprised at the effects. Lay down and get cozy.

Pay more attention to tactile feelings

 Chances are, your thoughts are keeping you up in your head. First step is to pick a part of your body and try to associate those feelings coming from it- i.e feeling a fold of bed sheets or the edge of the bed or another body part. Do this a few times- jump around from head to toe. What is touching your forehead? How about your dick? Your big toe?

Don’t try and snip your mental track

Trying to take a deep breath and shutting your thoughts off will fail miserably repeatedly. It takes effort and concentration to shut off thoughts, and sleep definitely cannot happen without letting go of control. Instead, you actually want to have a nice juicy stream of random images popping into your head. You will probably have no problem seeing images of daily happenings or future projections, i.e. you saw a particular car pass by, or maybe a guy with a face you remember, or maybe you met someone new and are thinking about what activity you could do together. Let those thoughts clutter up your conscious in preparation for the final step.

Re-frame normal thoughts into the most garish and outlandish scenarios you can imagine

This is the fun part. Begin to focus on one image at a time as they pop into your head. Take that image and as fast as possible imagine it doing something incredibly weird. No kidding, just picture the scenario turning to an impossible direction. “Guy grabs handrail in subway” becomes “Guy pulls handrail loose and uses it like a baseball bat to win World Series.” Or maybe girl  sticks debit card in ATM” becomes “ATM turns into robot and blows up traffic  This takes a bit of effort, but consciously try and reframe each image. Eventually, you will not have to consciously do it- your brain will take over. You might start off slow, but take the effort to reframe each mental picture, regardless if it takes a long time to think up a really weird twist. The eventual objective is that each mental image gets transformed into an outlandish image that you quickly disable with some kind of weird switch- image in, reframe, image out.  Before you know it, you will be asleep.


The process of imagination seems to bypass all of the nagging thoughts occupying your brainpower. Since you actually acknowledge each thought (but only to reframe in a goofy way) it seems to subconsciously register as you having solved the nagging issue. Its really weird, but it works.

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