Random Thoughts Sunday

Three Advantages Today’s Young Men Have that Baby Boomers Never Had

What about the biggest elephant advantage in the room: you can have sex with whoever you are able to attract. Or how about another: you can ditch the boundless optimism and decide to become the man who runs his office. Baby Boomers seem obsessed with avoiding work, which to me appears to be an obsession with avoiding a social life, which seems to be a naivete about alpha male dynamics. They cannot accept the level of asshole that is needed to toe people in line. Therefore do whatever it takes to not have a social circle. Run an internet business, travel, but definitely don’t decide to become the boss in one place. Which segues into the next article:

Suburbs are Secular Necropolises

Everyone’s dream is to conveniently buy a ‘house in the Hamptons’ to retire away to? Everyone’s dream is to earn their own little nest egg 401k to protect like a mother hen? The past generations are trying to convince younger generations the importance of saving and retirement and mutual funds and blah blah blah, meanwhile the reality is that it could all crash tomorrow. So why the fuck even invest in that mindset or system to begin with? Now you cannot rely on isolation into suburbia to protect your fragile non-alpha ego. You have to accept the reality and embrace the madness. *that is, if you prefer sexual access and a lack of cognitive dissonance concerning morals.

The Ubiquitous Frame of Hypergamy

Here’s a comment I left:

“Every individual needs revolution, inner division, overthrow of the existing order, and renewal, but not by forcing them upon his neighbors under the hypocritical cloak of Christian love or the sense of social responsibility or any of the other beautiful euphemisms for unconscious urges to personal power” (Jung, 1966:5 ‘Two Essays on Analytical Psychology’).

Who is motivated to acknowledge hypergamy? Encourage morality?

-Alpha Males- Hypocritical: yes, else no- they get too much free sex
-Beta Males- have no idea it exists / ego too delicately pussified to agree
-Omega Males- guilty of any and all transgression they may or may not have committed, so automatically guilty by ad hominem attack
-Alpha females- age <25: hell no, age >40: hell yes – no power anymore= soapbox preaching
-other females- physiologically incapable of seeing past their own nature

-score: 6 for not acknowledging, shaky 2 for acknowledging.

I tend to think morality can only form when absolutely everyone is thrown into chaos to experience the shortcomings of our own nature. Then and only then can society as a whole operate from a position of abundance and experience- which only an alpha can do in safe times.

Trouble Falling Asleep? Hack It-

This trick can work with any memory or experience that you want to neutralize. If you agonize over your oneitis girlfriend, simply imagine your most pleasant experience with her and then imagine some weird impossible twist. For example, if your memory was making out in bed, picture that scenario but then imagine the room flipping upside down and you both splat on the ceiling. Each time you recall a memory that you want to emotionally separate yourself from, try and reframe it. Soon your brain will naturally add weird details  each time you recall these specific memories, and the conflicting dissonance will cause you to lose attachment to them.

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