Alpha Analysis of Hunter Moore and Isanyoneup

Question:  if you could wildly profit from someone elses immorality, would you do it?

Obviously you answer will be precluded by your own morality, sense of righteousness, willingness to judge, and in Hunter Moore’s case, level of alpha. Make no mistake about it though. “He who hesitates, masturbates” is applicable in this situation.
A quick summary of the situation. Isanyoneup was a nudie website started by Hunter Moore in which he accepted submissions of porno shots to be linked directly to the person’s actual online Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin personality. The majority of the posts included the referrer’s motivation for submitting the target to the site, i.e. “This bitch fucked half of Oklahoma City. Now you get to decide if you would tap that.” A series of nude shots followed, and the posts ended with an animated internet meme. The posts were usually done in bad faith as retribution for sexual dalliance; the subjects usually found out indirectly that they had been uploaded to the site by a pissed off ex boyfriend or girlfriend. The site generated around 30 million page views monthly and around $10,000 monthly.
The expose of people’s sex histories whipped up a legal and digital shit storm. Some girls featured on the site had upper class upbringing, such as the daughter of a Ph.D femicunt lawyer featured in the video below. Some tried to litigate, some tried to submit DMCA requests, some tried to send letters to bring the server down. Hunter Moore, with an illogical confidence in what he was doing, sent back penis pictures. Because the content was user submitted to the internet (similar to Facebook, tumblr, etc), he was operating mostly legally.
The ‘mostly legal’ gray zone eventually prompted him to take the site down. He received too many submissions from underage kids sending nude photos, and like he describes in the interview below, he started getting submissions of people who committed suicide to be added to their naked photo set. After the Anderson Cooper interview below, he started to get way too much attention. The domain was sold off and website shut down after about a year in operation.
Watching the above video is a textbook beautiful example of polar opposite mating strategy.  Moore is not successful in the dominant sexy charismatic Anderson Cooper way, but he is most definitely sexy in the Machivellian, narcissistic, dark triad way. One side is dominant, charismatic, and seemingly benign and master of his domain. The other side is subversively charismatic and master of himself. Heres a quick breakdown of both strategies butting heads.
Anderson Cooper sets the dominant frame by being the host of his show, attempting to dominate Moore and get him to qualify. His strategies include winning the crowd, having females pre-framed against Moore, casually associating himself with morals, and assuming he has the crowds favor by passing judgement for them.
-Cooper tries to qualify Moore to admit that he is hurting others
-Cooper tries to qualify Moore to admit that he is ashamed and sorry
-Cooper tries to qualify Moore to admit that what he is doing is not right
-Cooper tries to make fun of  Moores answers
-Cooper tries to use female proxies to qualify Moore with hamster logic
-Cooper tries to use appeals to morality by passing judgement on Moore (“sleazy”)
-Cooper tries to appear (himself) moral and just, therefore qualifying moore to his frame.
Now contrast that with Moore. His strategies are centered in overt narcissism, typical of dark triad types.
-Moore contradicts his own stance, but doesnt hesitate that he is acting illogical.
-Moore is non apologetic about immorality
-Moore uses Coopers attempts at shame to spread his own opinion
-Moore wraps his motives in thinly disguised straw men
-Moore appears to like sacrificing others to make money
Moore is hardly the first man in history to learn that profiting off of female promiscuity is business – and business is good. He takes flak because as Cooper points out, he is enabling the jerk who originally posted the photos. Everyone gets in a tizzy when hamsters need protection.
Here’s another enlightening clip in which Tucker Max (!) actually calls in and give us an alpha’s two cents. As expected (Tucker Max and Hunter Moore are different realm equals), he can see both ways: ‘if you don’t want to be exploited, don’t take the photos’ vs. ‘you are still a jerk for spreading dirt around’. The hosts almost loses the moral high ground when everyone seems to be agreeing with Moore.
Notice how the television hosts still cling to an appeal to morality. They seem genuinely revolted by the content and by Hunter Moore’s nonchalant attitude about the libidinous content. Both Doctor Drew and Anderson Cooper use the audience as fallback to validate their own opinions on the subject. Especially considering the level of fanatic response and the number of supporters of Isanyoneup. Especially considering Hunter Moore’s obsessive appeal to young hot girls.
Hunter Moore seems particularly committed and unashamed of his mission. Like he says, he gets to look at naked girls and earn money doing it. Who wouldn’t want that job?
Take a moment to browse this site and witness the sheer number of young girls who unabashedly want to be fucked by Hunter Moore. Teenage girls not yet legal wear his trademark ‘#NBHNC’ catchphrase. The slogan stands for “no butt hole, no care”, or roughly translated “your opinion is not valid until you post naked photos.”
Again, here is an endless list of women who think he is hot and who want to sleep with him.  Also see this Forbes article on a more official woman still obsessed with Hunter Moore.
Hopefully by now you know the story and I have provided you with enough proof of Moore’s attraction. There are a few more points I want to provide that maximize his value to young girls. The first is what happens when your photos appear on Isanyoneup. Like the girl in the Doctor Drew interview, she immediately started getting friend requests, stalkers, fans saying how hot she is, etc. In hamster logic, a girl associating with Hunter Moore is like a lightspeed shortcut to monopolizing beta attention. To get commitment with him would guarantee a life of fame and exposure. In hamster logic, that means ” Offer Hunter sex as fast as possible to try and get his commitment.” Hence the seemingly unnatural level of girls who want to sleep with him.
A second point is the number of girls who defend Isanyoneup. Fem competition is rooted in heartlessness that girls have for their peers, clearly believing that those girls deserved it and that Hunter is at no fault. The logic of defending his position comes from the initial upload of the nude photos. The issue is split with the “don’t want the trouble, don’t upload the photos” mentality.
A third point is that most normal people have absolutely no idea the number of young attractive girls who want to associate themselves with Moore’s rebelliousness and depravity. This reflects the strategy of a Dark Triad approach, i.e. the acts that make the underdog sexually attractive and willing to subvert the dominant man’s control.
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  1. P Ray says:

    With the way the online world runs 24/7,
    you don’t need to ask the question
    “is anyone up?” on tumblr. 🙂

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