What the Shoe-shine Boy is Saying About Sex


The old story goes that Joseph Kennedy Sr. knew to sell off stocks before the crash in the 1920s by listening to the shoe-shine boy offer stock tips. He recognized that watering down a company to such a degree puts the company in the hands of a public relegated by fear, emotions, ignorance, and left bell curve traits.

What is happening in the sexual market in relation to the shoe shine boy? Which way are we going to swing when the Four Horsemen start appearing more and more relevant as root cause issues? The above chart could be applied to the appearance of Game, or maybe it could be applied to the theme of “where have all the good men gone?”, or maybe the appearance of mass numbers of spinsters, and so on.

We have yet to enter a mania phase of Game, prevalence of spinsters, feminism, homosexuality, and any other sex related issue (except the alphas out there; for them, every day is a mania phase) Therefore it could be concluded that they are all interrelated and will reach a climax and depression all at once.  Best guess is that we are in the ‘media attention’ phase.

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