Values Hewn from Rock Win the War

I left this post at Rollo’s website:

The only solution: dump the whole system and reboot. Like you point out, today’s world only exists because everyone implicitly or complicity agrees in feminization. This country was formed by men making the decisions with enemies where men made the decisions. Not because they had some vendetta against women. Simply because all men made the best case for survival.

The day will come when men will be expected to re harness the reins and band together for survival on the battlefield or the economy. We all implicitly know that men will be expected to do that. Our survival might depend on not IF we can do it, but HOW FAST we can do it. I certainly cannot see you convincing me to fight for the rights of gay men, slutty women, pansy boys, foreigners, etc. Our survival will depend on our ability to find common ground as men- I just hope the right values can be mined from rock and formed as pillars.

If the Nazis attacked us tomorrow, how fast would it take us to find the common ideas to rally the support of the entire country? In World War II, the United States went from a neutral country to the commanding power of the Allied Forces by D-Day. That was the time at which we felt confident and were logistically prepared as an Allied power to take on the Nazis head on. From Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941 to June 6 1944 when we attacked the Atlantic Wall. 

Consider the Axis Powers at the time. It took Germany 6 years from the foundation of the Nazi Party in 1933 until 1939 to build up a wartime army, about the same length of time for Japan. The Axis powers controlled Europe from 1939 to 1944, five years to establish their control. 

It took the USA approximately two years, 7 months from scratch to build a power so huge it threatened them all. And it took less than two years from June 1944 to September 1945 to end the entire conflict of World War II. 

Consider the speed it took to invent the images of a Thousand Year Reich, the blood red swastika, and the entire Nazi ideal: extremely fast compared to the likes of the Roman Empire or the reign of the Pharaohs. It was only defeated because the USA was able to use the images of patriotism, freedom, and democracy even faster.

Could we find some uniting themes like this today?

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2 Responses to Values Hewn from Rock Win the War

  1. And Balls says:

    Diversity and inclusion.

    You’re welcome.

  2. deti says:

    Grit: Good stuff. I like the cut of your jib, sir.

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