Zuckerbeta Deviates From the Script

Its perfectly ok though.

Your average WASP (white anglo-saxon protestant for you newbs out there) would be fucked in this situation. Mega-successful,billionaire, entrepreneur, white guy, and younger than boomer generation? So doomed from the start the concept doesn’t even exist.

Ok so now lets pretend the concept exists; go ahead, run your office like a successful man. WRONG. This guy is guilty by association for being a white male CEO, no matter how young and trendy. Like we see in the article, your white male tendencies look like aspie nerdlike passion for technology white anglo-saxon alpha male chauvinism circa Mad Men.

“The company’s entire human resources architecture was constructed on the reactionary model of an office from the 1950s in which men with so-called masculine qualities (being technical, breaking things, moving fast) was idealised as brilliant and visionary whilst everyone else (particularly the nontechnical employees on the customer support team who were mostly female and sometime, unlike the white and Asian engineering team, black) were assumed to be duller, incapable of quick and intelligent thought. It was like Mad Men but real and happening the current moment, as if in repudiation of fifty years of social progress..”

Most any normal person is thinking “oh god, here comes the public relations nightmare.” All it takes is some unfounded accusatory ad hominem innocent allegations commentary on his office culture and soon feminists come flocking to shame the poor guy into submission. He seems doomed right? Wrong.

Take a good luck at this cuntbag, because chances are you will never see her again.

Zuckerbeta has one distinguishing trait that is a golden aura, a force field, surrounding his pasty white nerdish body. The feminist sycophants will fall upon it like water on an umbrella.


You see, the politically correct army wants to maintain the image of Jews as cunning and smart businessmen behind the scene. Therefore, in the eyes of them, the above paragraph reads as “tell us something we don’t know.” Zuckerbeta is doing exactly what Jews do, no matter how white and male. Jew first.

In fact, Zuckerbeta will be praised for doing exactly what this woman hates. “Nay He’s just a smart and powerful quiet Jew,  giving all those other poor computer guys a chance to express their passion for technology.  He’s not stuck in the 50’s! He’s just adhering to his culture’s traditions of fastidiousness and hard work!”

The Achilles heel of this author, book, and publishing deal is that she is trying to knock herself a few bricks of value out from Zuckerbeta’s wall of fortune. She is trying to rally the support of the harpy army. She is launching feminist artillery shells loaded with feminist tropes, their most effective explosive.  The shells are stamped ‘ACME A+ Quality’ and are supplied by the liberal munitions factory.

All without considering that the factory is full of hardworking Jews.

To be honest, i’m actually surprised that feminists are so parasitically self immolating progressive. Actually, I take that back. Feminists have to find any way to bring down the oppressive men, and have to start somewhere on this guy. Book deal sounds good, I can roll with that for now. Eventually they will take down the billionaire white boy, despite the fact that he is already so Zuckerbeta that his beta avatar (actor Jesse Eisenberg) is more alpha than him.

That is, until someone is willing to look the feminist trope in the eye and calmly deliver a well placed shot right where the cheekbone on a hotter girl would be.

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