American Jobs in Manufacturing

Often times when discussing the economy, people attack (with good reason) useless liberal arts degrees that perpetuate student loan debt. In this C-Span Panel, Peter Schiff and the panel believe that higher generations have failed to provide a framework for Americans to learn STEM. The panel uses an analogy of importing computer programmers on work visas, as well as the image of cell phones manufactured overseas. Clearly Americans don’t have the skills in electronics or communications to take over these roles.

Peter Schiff seems to be a firm believer in manufacturing jobs. It seems as if his light at the end of the tunnel is a deregulated economy and job market that would encourage a return to manufacturing. Slow down.

The USA manufactures lots of stuff today. The world seems to demand all of it.

We manufacture a worship of social connectivity. We use Facebook to stay connected and produce glitzy images of our social lives, we participate and compete in huge team sports networks, we worship the social lives of celebrities, produce all kinds of media meant for a host of social connectivity websites, and we produce idealism derived from romantic fantasy lifestyles. We manufacture images, emotions, information, opinions, and rhetoric. Its a lot of seemingly useless propaganda, but take this blog post for example. It takes a high social skill level to research current events, politics, formulate personal thoughts on the subject, and write about it in a way that my audience sympathizes with it. Not to mention conveying personality and personal interests at the same time.

This is a form of social peacocking that it is innately more high value. Why? You could use the handicap principle to suggest that since I have my bases covered for food, water, and shelter, the free time that I spend here is a flaunting of my time. Lesser fit people cannot afford to spend time so liberally. You would be perfectly correct.

Suggesting that Americans would even tolerate sitting for 8 hours on an assembly line, in a machine shop, or in any other rough processing plant is an increasingly slim prospect. You might say that the financial incentives would be high, but in a world of wealthy betas, even money is useless unless it has been obtained via the dark triad: salesmanship, litigation, stock market speculation.

Which leads to the next big point. Feminism has destroyed the chances at a manufacturing economy. Would a liberated woman ever work on an assembly line? Probably not if she can get a cushy HR job. Would that same woman with a cushy HR job look down at a blue collar laborer or an artisan for marriage? Probably not. Would she look up the ranks of her own work to try and marry the vice president? Certainly yes.

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