Don Draper Game ® in NYBetaTimes

You have come across high journalism in the NYBetaTimes in the form of female hamster spinning around three alpha males who DON”T EVEN EXIST. I have finally decoded pop culture and consumption all thanks to this Pulitzer winning article. It goes like this:


-Write about popular alpha male (in the form of Don Draper). Soon women come flocking to read.

Looking down is beta.

-Write about popular alpha male coming to steal attention and compete (in the form of Jay Gatsby, about to reappear in DiCaprio’s new movie). Exponentially more women come flocking to read about the imminent butting heads.

-Men soon recognize the marketable value of the piece, since it is good advertising and men love comparing the statistics of alpha men. It gets pushed to a reputable hah  publisher, the NYTimes. It gains even more attention from libtards.

-The author gets checks in all the right public relations check-boxes. Woman? Check. Careerist in the form of writer? Check. Trendy and high value? Check. Liberals provide the seal of PC approval.

-Pulitzer Awarded.

I digress. Lets extract some Game®  innuendo from this article.

First, she compares her own father to Don Draper, Jay Gatsby, and Christian Gray. In a hypergamous hamster filled brain, even dads get counted for alpha points in the pool of men she knows. If you are looking to bang a chick who has particular dad-attachments, its always a good idea to take a few pot shots at her father’s reputation. Frame him as insecure, for starters.

As we move along, she cannot help but tingle at her clear hindbrain understanding of what differentiates both alphas. Whereas Gatsby prefers the mysterious, aloof approach,

“If personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures, then there was something gorgeous about him, some heightened sensitivity to the promises of life, as if he were related to one of those intricate machines that register earthquakes ten thousand miles away.”

Draper prefers the uncaring asshole role:

This deeply unheroic jitteriness at Draper’s core, revealed anew in Season 5 despite his best intentions toward self-domestification, is part of what makes the show so reliably transfixing. 

Heartiste recently tweeted about self doubt being the biggest turn-off for chicks. I would like to offer a small clarification: if self-doubt can be reigned in as insecurity, as in the self doubt has been overcome by actions percieved as insecure, than it can actually add to a guy’s allure. Draper is made hotter and more interesting by overlaying his identity doubt with the guttural growls of the boss male.

Game speaking, the insecurity is precluded by the fact that you took a step out of self doubt to begin with. Some lesser souls never even try.

Image of potential Hollywood Christian Grey, pure exploitation to get women to read this post

You are free to ignore the rest of the article when she gets into 50 Shades of Grey. It devolves into prosaic prose about A BUNCH OF FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. I can’t believe how much effort it takes to waste hours off your rapidly waning ovulatory history compose such intellectual analysis of various cultural greats.

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