When Beta Is Better

In a previous article of a previous post, the author writes this gem of a line describing Don Draper.

Like so many self-invented men before him, Draper prefers role-playing to real life. He doesn’t want to be reminded that he’s a human being, and he certainly doesn’t want to spend time in the company of other human beings. 

There is a particular distinction between some men.

Some alpha men who recognize their own nature turn to a subconscious loathing of the human condition. You might recognize this in the form of self destructive tendencies like extreme sports, wanton bouts of violence, smoking, drug addiction, or alchoholism (or blogging). They reach an achievement one too many- win too many trophies, see too many cocks in the bar, do too much paperwork, etc. Maybe their career as a high school great ends as they move on to later life. At that point, their alpha facade begins to slip. Their primal nature begins to erode and destroy their cultivated facades when it realizes that trophies didn’t really change the world so much as breaking things and fucking high value women. Its a handicap instead of a attempt to gain value. Still attractive to women, but the less desirable option.

On the other hand, some men recognize their condition and don’t like what they see. They come to think of their nature as  flawed, and they cannot compete. But rather than accept the circumstances, they are propelled to change. The dislike of the condition leads them to a passion or objective to live a life that constantly works on the condition.

If there is any hope for a beta its in the second category. If a beta recognizes his own self and therefore recognizes the the usual dislike of himself, he can use that dislike to fuel a better self.

Now most game advocates aim for a ‘fake it till you make it’ mindset- but I don’t. I suggest the dark side- fake it. Be a Don Draper. Build your personality on a lie, equivocation, or insecurity. At least you will build some character that people will hate. At least you will achieve some goal or objective. The charade might expire, but you can just make a new one. The beta would do well to hate his nature and use any manner of camouflage to build a false self. Don’t obsess with building a true self- the two are nearly the same thing, and cannot be distinguished. Reread my post on Hobbes Game.

In the end, Don Draper might get away with the construction of his Mad Man, ad-wiz, black-suit self, but I doubt it. Just don’t fucking throw the towel in when it happens (see: Mad Men intro credits). Move to the Phillipines and push narcotics.

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2 Responses to When Beta Is Better

  1. TAllagash says:

    i like where this is going. and yes. the above is the blowback for self-loathing. the drinking, the women, the philandering, the needing so badly to be distracted from how unhappy you are with yourself….

    • P Ray says:

      It’s amazing how less self-loathing men become when they’re in a relationship with a woman who wants to be with him and build a future together.
      It’s almost as if … men are not choosing commitment with sluts!

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