Chicken or the Egg: Industrial Society

Do we fix the post-industrial market of the United States to solve the education system’s inherent problems, or do we solve the education system’s inherent problems to fix the post-industrial market?


Our post industrial market sells blue collar labor to the lowest bidders, aka China. The nation’s masses of Americans with similar cognitive ability are too homogenized with the white collar and upper classes. That causes two problems: 1. They ego-deny that they should accept the same labor as a poor Chinese laborer, and 2. The upper classes would rather provide handouts, only to reinforce the blue collar apathy. Could you imagine the shit-storm if Americans worked in the same conditions as a Chinese laborer? It would be a human rights disaster. The Chinese are out of sight-out of mind. (A corollary, where are all the SWPL white women advocating for the rights of Chinese workers?)

The result is an education system that has no role with which to equip low IQ kids. The opposite happens: exist in a fantasy land where everyone thinks politically-correct alike. Teach them about lots of shallow and useless material that keeps their role “free” so we don’t accidentally “discriminate.” I say yet the opposite. Teach dumb kids about hammers, hydraulic presses, machines, and engines. I bet they would love it. Teach girls how to sew, cook, and be submissive. I bet they would love it.

Watch this video of the Raleigh Bicycle factory in 1945. That place did literally everything in house.

-Laborers poured and cast molten steel.

-Scientists analyzed steel quality

-Machinists tooled metal down to bicycle gears, frames, chains, etc

-Assemblers built the bicycles

-Testers put the bicycles through stress tests

-Marketers sold the bikes

If you could recall all the labor laws of equality, all of the taxes, all of the safety restrictions, all of the training restrictions, all of the credential restrictions, out workplaces might resemble that factory once again. We could easily undercut the startup rigors of a competitive business that would typically have to go to China.

That would then give low IQ kids a role in society: be a part of a cool company that builds cool shit, even if you are doing a dirty job.


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